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Uusimaa Brigade / Nyland Brigade

The Nyland Brigade, a part of the Navy, is the Defence Forces only brigade-level unit the training language of which is Swedish that trains conscripts for coastal unit duties. The Nyland Brigade also provides international training on its Amphibious Task Unit courses. Those who have passed the Brigades international training can participate as conscripts or reservists in international exercises.

The main task of the Nyland Brigade, as a part of the Finnish Navy, is to train mobile troops for particulary demanding coastal circumstances. The Brigade is prepared to assist other authorities, also in clearing wartime explosives and controlling environmental damages in the archipelago and along the coast. The Brigade maintains an amphibious task unit with readiness for international naval operations. In 2010 the Brigade was responsible for setting up the Finnish contingent (consisting of 200 soldiers) of the Nordic Battlegroup, which served as EUs Rapid Deployment Force in the first half of 2011. The Garrison area is situated in Dragsvik, 90 km south-west of Helsinki within a stones throw of Ekens. Ekens is the center of the new town of Raseborg, which was established in the year 2009.

Coastal troops are given versatile training in demanding conditions prevailing in the archipelago and the territorial waters. There are coastal troops service places in all naval brigade-level units that provide conscription training. In the course of the basic training period, conscripts are taught all the basic skills of a soldier, the activity of the individual combatant and a pair of combatants within a group.

The special training period for those serving in the coastal troops lasts nine weeks, during which time they specialise in one specific crisis task and gain the knowledge and skills of the branch. The requirements for entry into training are largely the same as in corresponding duties in the Army. To be accepted, for example, into coastal jaeger training, you must have fitness class A. Some of the NCO training in the coastal troops as well as the special training of the rank and file are given on courses provided by the Army. To mention some examples, there are the engineering, weather and logistics courses.

The physically and mentally demanding coastal jaeger training is given at the Nyland Brigade in Raasepori. Versatile training is provided in a maritime environment with modern equipment. The coastal jaegers move through the archipelago by e.g. Jurmo class landing craft and fast raiding craft. For example, coastal missile specialists and coastal engineers are also trained at the Nyland Brigade. Training in the Uusimaa Brigade is carried out in Swedish but orders are given in Finnish.

The "Uudenmaan prikaati" [in Finnish] and "Nylands brigad" [in Swedish, which is the official language at the brigade] is a conscript training brigade, and not an operational wartime brigade. The brigade trained soldiers to fight in a coastal environment and the training was given in Swedish. The wartime organization consists of two wartime coastal jaeger battalions, boat transported light infantry battalions. The coastal jaeger companies train for combat against small enemy (SOF) units.

In 2004 the Swedish Parliamentary Group rejected any plans to withdraw the Uusimaa Brigade.- There is an old adage that the price per trained military is high in the Uusimaa Brigade. Therefore, several generals and defense ministers of all time wanted to close the brigade. The Swedish People's Party has averted earlier plans and will continue to do everything possible to secure business in Dragsvik. Parliament approved the Security Policy Report on 22 December 2004 that stated that Finland holds the general conscription. Then the defense follows the decision must also comply with the Language Act 39 which states that "at least one truppfr band shall be Swedish." The Swedish Parliamentary Group thus considers it impossible to withdraw the Swedish-language education at the Uusimaa Brigade.

Finland was part of Sweden for more than 600 years (until 1809). The separate educational establishment of the Nylands Brigad is purely practical. They are institutions of instruction in the Swedish language, so they are of course going to be seperate.

Finnish coastal jaeger brigade (680 troops in peacetime):

  • Brigade staff
  • coastal artillery bn "raseborg" (composition unknown)
  • brigade mortar company
  • brigade anti-tank company
  • brigade engineer company
  • NCO school,
  • brigade logistics center

Coastal jaeger battalion "Vasa" (1079 troops in wartime, unknown in peacetime) :

  • bn staff,
  • bn HQ company (with : HQ platoon, signal platoon, combat diver platoon, antitank platoon [spike ATGM], AD platoon [Mistral SAM], engineer platoon),
  • heavy mortar company (HQ platoon, 3 mortar platoons [3 Mo 120mm Tampella each], 1 observation platoon),
  • logistics company (support platoon, medical platoon, boat platoon).
  • 3 coastal jaeger companies

Finnish coastal ranger Company :

  • HQ platoon, including a sniper team with 6 snipers,
  • 3 ranger platoons (3 x 39 men) with 3 combat sections (organization unknown) and 1 fire support section,
  • mortar platoon : 6 81mm mortars,
  • fire control platoon (ANGLICO)
  • logistics platoon ( w boats?)

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