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Excalibur Army

Excalibur Army designs, develops and produces a wide range of military vehicles and equipment. It strives to offer only high quality products and provide a variety of services for customers all around the world. The production and repair facilities have decades long tradition that reaches back to 1950s. All these years it never ceased to understand the importance of military industry for national and international security and is standing proud by the code of freedom in defence of which so many lives were lost.

The main battle tanks delivered by Excalibur Army are all based on former Soviet tank models that were introduced in the second half of 20th century. Our company has just as long tradition in producing, repairing, renovating and modernizing T-55 and T-72 models as we have provided these services for Czechoslovak armed forces and other Warsaw Pact armies including the Soviet Union ever since after the World War II. Our MBTs can fulfill the tasks required at the battlefield of today. Despite the existence of advanced modern battle tanks, assymetric conflicts are still unfortunately an every day reality in many parts of the world and Excalibur Army tanks are an economic solution for peace keeping in these troubled areas.

Excalibur Army armoured APCs and IFVs comprise a range of tracked and wheeled vehicles for battle engagement, area control and a variety of tactical and special operations. The Šternberk facility is renowned for its history and experience in repairs, service, renovation, modernization and production of BMPs T-55/T-72 MBTs and other numerous armoured, artillery, engineering, military and special logistic vehicles. In the recent years Excalibur Army successfully started to cooperate in cross-national projects, e.g. the PANDUR APC. It also develop our own solutions for infantry support and mobility and lately introduced the MEXCA IFV or PATRIOT APC vehicles. High level of protection, efficient controls and effective reliable weapon systems are at the core of development engineering.

Excalibur Army offers a range of self-propelled howitzer class artillery guns with 122, 152 and 155 mm calibre available. Most howitzers are mounted on a wheeled original Tatra chassis and therefore are suitable for high speed travel on road as well a swift deployment in rough terrain. This increases the safety of the crew that often needs to carry out the given task and leave the firing post as soon as possible to avoid enemy countermeasures. The speed of operation, accuracy and crew safety is further enhanced by the modernization kit consisting of new fire control system and numerous vehicle upgrades. The howitzer systems have been part of defence forces of several countries and the ShKH vz. 77 still is in active duty.

Excalibur Army produces a range of multiple launch rocket systems. MLRS vehicles are built on the unique Tatra chassis which allows them to pass through very difficult terrain with certainty and at surprising speed. The launcher platform is derived from the well-known, proven and widely used RM-70 and BM-21 MLRS systems. To allow fast and accurate firing, MLRS vehicles can be equipped with a fire control system - computing, inertial navigation and communication systems that enhance both the independent task managment and multiple joint artillery units coordination. Apart from the new MLRS production, it also specialize in modernization of existing technology to allow customers continuous use of their current undercarriage and superstructure platforms.

The Excalibur Army company was founded in 1995. It's primary business was sales of military ordnance, logistical and medical equipment, vehicles and other military equipment. In 2000 the company expanded and started selling spare parts for military wheeled and tracked vehicles, cargo vehicles, weapons, ammunition and other military material.

In 2005 the Prelouc facility was opened. Between 2005-2007, extensive repairs and investments were made. In 2008 the company’s management moved into the newly repaired administrative building and a new workshop and paintshop was opened. In 2012 Excalibur Army rented a part of Military Maintenance Plant in Šternberk and in 2013 the company bought the entire facility with 60-year-long tradition in the repairs and production of military vehicles and spare parts.

Since 2014 the company is a part of the Czechoslovak Group holding. The Excalibur Army Ltd. owns several others storage and production areas all over the Czech Republic and cooperates with a wide scale of companies not just from defence and security industry. The Excalibur Army is certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP and is a proud member of the Association of Defense and Security Industry of the Czech Republic.

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