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Italy - Eurofighter F-2000A

The Eurofighter (aeronautical nomenclature F-2000A) is a latest generation fighter, the most advanced fighter aircraft ever developed in Europe, able to offer extensive operational capabilities and unrivaled effectiveness in the field of Air Defense . The inclusion of these aircraft in the national alarm service, guaranteed by the Air Defense departments for 24-hour Air Defense, 365 days a year, allows to provide a greater capacity to that complex device that, in a few minutes , ensures the launch of the fighters to intercept and identify any suspicious airway detected by the radar. It is the fruit of the industrial collaboration of Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

In Italy, the Eurofighter are in service in four Flying Caccia interceptors Groups, the 9th and 20th at the 4th Wing of Grosseto, and the 10th and 12th at the 36th Wing of Gioia del Colle (Bari). With the Eurofighter, and with the F-16 fighters of the 37th Stormo of Trapani, the Air Force provides continuous surveillance, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, of the national airspace.

On 29 September 2009, the 4th Wing of Grosseto celebrated the achievement of the 10,000 flight hours of the Eurofighter aircraft, introduced by the Italian Air Force for five years to meet the security needs of the national airspace. The ceremony was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General of the Air Squadron Daniele Tei, and the Commander of the Air Squadron of Rome, General of Air Squadron Carmine Pollice, accompanied by the Commander of the Combatted Air Forces of Milan, General of Roberto Corsini Air Division.

During the ceremony a 'special color' aircraft was inaugurated showing the achievement of this important and coveted milestone. Col. Achille Cazzaniga, commander of the 4th Wing, during the ceremony underlined how "thanks to the synergy of all the men and women of the Wing, it was possible to achieve this important result. Despite the particular historical moment that sees a reduction of the funds assigned to the Armed Forces, the human resource is the predominant factor to guarantee the effectiveness of the aerial instrument".

General Tei at the end of the flight on the Eurofighter in the meeting with the staff and the media representatives wanted to thank all the staff of the 4th Wing "for what you did, what you are doing and what you will do for the future ". Finally, he wanted to thank the representatives of Alenia and Finmeccanica "for the great logistical support provided to achieve this important result"

On 03 June 2013, the Experimental Flight Department (RSV) of Pratica di Mare (RM), in close collaboration with several Armed Forces and Companies, both Italian and foreign, has completed the activities of System Engineering and Flight Test aimed at the introduction, on some Typhoon aircraft, a significant improvement in attack and defense capabilities. Three months of intense software integration, testing and experimentation on the ground and in flight that brought the Eurofighter aircraft to a new avionics configuration, called PSC3.31 ITA-MOD02, subject to a Technical Operational Certification (CTO).

In particular, with this configuration Tranche 1 (T1) aircraft have been introduced with a series of innovative features of some avionic subsystems, to improve the reliability and effectiveness of systems and sensors. A new version of the software was also introduced, which allows a significant improvement of Infra Red Search & Track (IRST) capabilities and that Italian aircraft have been the first to fly.

The activities were entrusted to the staff of the Software Management Group (GGS) and to that of the 311st Flight Group of the Experimental Flight Department, which took over the management of all the phases of the ambitious project which involved the study, verification and validation of both on the ground that in flight and finally the qualification of the new avionics software packages.

The new configuration was also equipped with an innovative set of mission data produced for the first time at national level to improve the self-protection capabilities of the weapon system in complex operating scenarios. The operational, maintenance and technical-operational departments directly involved in the Eurofighter program also took part in the work. This further result, after the so-called change ITA-MOD01, also produced by the RSV, led Italy to confirm itself as the second Nation, after the United Kingdom, to certify an improvement of the software configuration through an autonomous procedure of the Armed Force on board the Eurofighter aircraft.

The Air Force provides surveillance and defense of the national airspace 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, through a system of radar, aircraft and missile systems, integrated since the time of peace with those of other countries belonging to the BORN. In addition to the 4th Stormo of Grosseto, the service of immediate takeoff and interception in cases of alarm is carried out by the 36th Stormo di Gioia del Colle (Bari), also equipped with Eurofighter fighters, and the 5th Wing of Cervia (Ravenna ) and 37 Stormo of Trapani, equipped instead of the F-16 fighters. The 4th Wing is the Department where the transition of pilots for the Eurofighter line is made.

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