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ESHAR Multi-INT Special Mission Aircraft

ESHAR Multi-INTOn 14 December 2017, the Turkish electronics giant Aselsan and Saudi Arabia’s Taqnia inaugurated their jointly-owned electronic supplier – Saudi Defence Electronics Company (SADEC). SADEC was formed with an initial $6 million U.S. investment to market Aselsan’s range of electronics, such as radar, electronic warfare (EW) systems and electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) sensors in Saudi Arabia. SADEC says it will manufacture this equipment, suggesting that should Saudi Arabia (and/or third-party customers) select from SADEC the systems would be produced under license in Saudi Arabia. It is unclear in what capacity (e.g. assembly or subassemblies manufacturing) this would occur.

SADEC’s product range includes the gamut of Aselsan’s product catalogue. It also includes the Turkish company’s proposed solutions, such as the Common Aperture Targeting System (CATS) EO/IR turret, KASIH (Aselsan HAVASOJ) dedicated EW jamming aircraft, ESHAR (Aselsan MULTI-INT) multi-mission intelligence aircraft, RASID (Aselsan SERHAT) counter- mortar radar and others.

MULTI-INT Special Mission Aircraft

COMINT Subsystem

  • Wide band frequency coverage
  • High system sensitivity
  • Precise direction finding and geo-location
  • Narrow band and wide band recording and off-line analysis
  • Analog and digital modulation recognition and protocol decoding
  • Analog and digital de-modulation
  • Multi channel communication signals monitoring and recording demodulated signals
  • Effective on frequency hopping signals

  • ESM/ELINT Subsystem
  • New generation digital receiver architectures
  • Wide band frequency coverage
  • High system sensitivity
  • High probability of intercept
  • Sub mode, radar and platform based Mission Data File
  • Automatic and manual detection, classification and identification
  • Interpulse and intrapulse modulation measurement and recording
  • Finger printing, analysis and recording
  • Antenna scan type and antenna scan period measurement
  • Geo-location
  • PDW and event recording
  • Detailed emitter analysis and database upgrade with post mission analysis

  • IMINT (SAR/GMTI, EO/IR) Subsystem
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar System
  • Automatic antenna positioning and stabilization
  • Wide Region Imaging Mode (STRIPMAP)
  • High Resolution Imaging Mode (SPOTLIGHT)
  • Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)
  • Inverse SAR Mode (ISAR)
  • Superior imaging resolution from EO and IR cameras
  • Precise line-of-sight stabilization
  • Wide coverage area
  • Precise direction finding and target tracking
  • Laser range finding
  • Fast azimuth / elevation slew rate
  • Simultaneous digital & analog outputs
  • Cross-Cue capability

  • Communication and Data link Subsystem
  • High data rate LOS air to ground datalink
  • SATCOM for long range data and voice communication
  • Inter Communication System (ICS)
  • V/UHF Radio Communication System
  • IFF (Identification Friend Or Foe) System
  • Real time mission coordinated with Ground Support Subsystems

  • Ground Support Subsystems
  • Command and Control Center
  • Fixed and Mobile Ground Relay Stations
  • Mission Monitor Stations

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