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Nazi Ideology

The nature and aims of Nazism can be found in the speeches of Adolf Hitler made long before he came to power. Those who treated him with disdain or indifference were soon shocked by the enthusiastic support he won for his cause. Hitler was a spellbinding orator and a masterly political organizer who combined socialism and nationalism in his appeal for mass support. The National Socialist German Workers Party vowed to avenge the humiliation of 1918 and restore Germany to prosperity and power.

At the center of Hitler's political creed was the pseudoscientific doctrine of the master race - the superior Germans needed room for expansion; the inferior Slavs would have to be exterminated or enslaved. Hitler fanned the German hatred of the Jews, using them as a scapegoat for all the ills of Germany. He realized that his utterances did not have to be true as much as they had to be emotionally appealing. What the German people needed and wanted he believed, was strength and leadership, not lengthy democratic discussions.

Hitler was able to win the support of many Germans, among whom were men of great power and wealth. During the economic depression and the political chaos of the early 1930's, millions flocked to his banner and looked to him for salvation. His assumption of the Chancellorship in January 1933 was but a prelude to absolute dictatorship. Once in power, Hitler was as good as his^wotdi and the brutality of his regime didnot seem to detract from his support.

Force and Struggle In a speech delivered at Essen on November 22, 1926, Hitler said, "The fundamental motif through all the centuries has been the principle that force and power are the determining factors. All development is struggle. Only force rules. Force is the first law. A struggle has already taken place between original man and his primeval world. Only through struggle have states and the world become great. If one should ask whether this struggle is gruesome, then the only answer could be: For the weak, yes, for humanity as a whole, no...

"Unfortunately, the contemporary world stresses internationalism instead of the innate values of race; democracy and the maiority instead of the worth of the great leader. Instead of everlasting struggle the world preaches cowardly pacifism and everlasting peace. These three things, considered in the light of their ultimate consequences, are the causes of the downfall of all humanity. The practical result of conciliation among nations is the renunciation of a people's own strength and their voluntary enslavement..."

At Munich, March 15, 1929: "If men wish to live, then they are forced to kill others. The entire struggle for survival is a conquest of the means of existence, which in turn results in the elimination of others from the same sources of subsistence. As long as there are peoples on this earth, there will be nations against nations and they will be forced to protect their vital rights in the same way as the individual is forced to protect his rights.

"One is either the hammer or the anvil. We confess that it is our purpose to prepare the German people again for the role of the hammer. For ten years we have preached, and our deepest concern is: Now can we again achieve power? We admit freely and openly that if our movement is victorious, we will be concerned day and night with the question of how to produce the armed forces which are forbidden us by the peace treaty (Treaty of Versailles). We solemnly confess that we consider everyone a scoundrel who does not try day and night to figure out away to violate this treaty, for we have never recognized this treaty...

"We will take every step which strengthens our arms, which augments the number of our forces, and which increases the strength of our people.

"We confess further that we will dash anyone to pieces who should dare to jhinder us in this undertaking... Our rights will never be represented by others. Our rights will be protected only when the German Reich is again supported by the point of the German dagger."

Leadership At Nuremberg, September 14, 1935: "We will harden ourselves to such an extent that any storm will find us strong. We will never forget that the sum total of all virtues and all strength can be effective only when it is subservient to one will and to one command... Nothing is possible unless one will commands, a will which has to be obeyed by others, beginning at the top and ending only at the very bottom...

"We must train our people so that whenever someone has been appointed to command, the others will recognize it as their duty to obey him, for it can happen that an hour later they will be called upon to command and they can do it then only if others in turn obey. This is the expression of an authoritarian state, not of a weak, babbling democracy of an authoritarian state where everyone is proud to obey, because he knows: I will likewise be obeyed when I must take command."

The Superiority of Aryans At Munich, April 2, 1927: "We see before us the Aryan race which is... the bearer of all culture, the true representative of all humanity. All inventionsin the field of transportation must be credited to the members of a particular race. Our entire industrial science is without exception the work of the Nordics. All great composers from Beethoven to Richard Wagner are Aryans, even though they were born in Italy or France. Do not say that art is international. The tango, the shimmy, and the jazzband are international but they are not art. Man owes everything that is of any importance to the principle of struggle and to one race which has carried itself forward successfully. Take away the Nordic Germans and nothing remains..."

At Munich, November 21, 1927: "From all the innumerable creatures a completespecies rises and becomes the master of the rest. Such a one is man - the most brutal, the most resolute creature on earth. He knows nothing but the extermination of his enemies in the world... This struggle, this battle, has not been carried on by all men in the same way. Certain species stand out, and at the top of the list is the Aryan. The Aryan has forged the weapons with which mankind has made itself master of the animal world. There is scarcely anything in existence which when traced back to its origin cannot claim an Aryan as its creator."

War and Expansion At Munich, May 23, 1928: "We admit that for us the future of Germany doesnot lie in a mechanical revision of frontiers. In such a case we would again be forced to rely upon world trade, which in turn would make us competitors of four or five other states. That is no future. The National Socialist Movement extends far beyond the deceitful level of such a ... conception. It is the champion of that idea which claims that if we do not acquire more soil, then we shall some day perish. We pursue no policy which will not secure the existence of the people for all time... I believe that I have enough energy to lead our people to war, and not the revision of frontiers, but for the deliverance of our people in the most distant future, to that our people acquire so much soil and territory that the sacrifice in blood can be returned to posterity in four-fold measure."

Democracy In a speech at Hamburg on August 17, 1934, Hitler said: "This parliamentary democracy of ruin has at all times destroyed peoples and states. It does not express the will of the people, it serves only the ambition and interests of conscienceless corrupters of the people, be they small or great.

"The effect of this kind of government in Germany was disastrous. From the time when this parliamentary democracy had finally and completely mastered the nation there began a downfall in every sphere; not only in politics, in culture,and in morals was Germany disintegrated and weakened, but even in the sphere of economics those conditions were destroyed under which alone, in the last resort, such an enormously complex and sensitive organism can flourish...

"But it is clear that this political disintegration of the body of a people must necessarily mean the end of every authority. Without such an authority the economic life of a people cannot function healthily."

The Nazis claimed Nietzsche as the patron saint of their philosophy of Blood and Soil. His name has been emblazoned on their banners and quotations from his works distorted to prove that the iconoclast of German philosophy was a nineteenth-century forerunner of Nazism. Yet throughout his life, the author of Thus Spake Zarathustra was a sworn enemy of bigotry and intolerance. When Nietzsche's only sister married Bernhard Forster, the chief of the nineteenth-century antiSemites, the event was a grave shock to the philosopher.

Contrary to the Nazi assertion that Nietzsche was a firm believer in their pseudo-scientific theories of "Aryan" race supremacy, he held that whenever races are mixed, greater civilizations have arisen and will arise again. He is known to have said, "Never have anything to do with anybody who has anything to do with lying humbug about race."

As for the Jews, whom the German government vilified and slandered with every weapon in its propaganda arsenal, Friedrich Nietzsche said: "And to whom are we indebted for the noblest of men (Christ); for the purest of sages (Spinoza), the mightiest of books, and the most effective moral law in the world ? And besides, in the darkest time of the middle ages, when the Asiatic hordes had spread themselves far and wide over Europe, it was Jewish liberals, scholars and physicians who held fast to the banner of enlightenment and intellectual independence, under the most severe personal servitude, and defended Europe against Asia."

Ein Reich. Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer!
One State, One People, One Leader!

Deutschland Ist Hitler! Hitler Ist Deutschland
Germany is Hitler! Hitler is Germany!

Deutschland Erwache! Judah Verrecke!
Germany Awake! Judah Perish!

Wer Kennt den Jude, Kennt den Taufel!
Whoever knows the Jews, knows the Devil!

Die Juden Sind Unser Ungluck!
The Jews are our misfortune!

Deutschland Uber Alles
Germany Above Everything

Sieg Heil!
Hail Victory!

Heil Hitler!
Hail Hitler!

Volk Ohne Raum
People without Space

Heute Deutschland! Morgen Die Welt!
Today Germany! Tomorrow the World!

Weltmacht Oder Niedergang!
World Power or Ruin!

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