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Army Groups and Armies

The largest field formation in the German Army was known as an Army Group, which was a headquarters controlling two or more Armies. 'An Army Group was customarily commanded by a Feldmarschall (five-star general), or more rarely by a Generaloberst (four star general). An Army might be commanded by a Feldmarschall, a Generaloberst, or a General (three-star general).

At the beginning of the war, an Army Group Headquarters was usually formed for a particular campaign or occupational theater. During actual operations, the principal purpose of an Army Group was to exercise operational command over the Armies subordinated to it. It had at first a relatively small staff devoted purely to operational matters. As the war progressed, administrative functions were added and its staff increased.

An Army Headquarters was a more permanent command framework. In addition to its operational and tactical control of subordinate units, the Army was the top field headquarters for matters of administration, supply, and other functions. The size and structure of an Army Headquarters varied to a considerable extent. All headquarters were, however, organized according to a uniform system and consisted basically of a commanding officer assisted by a staff. The staffs of corps and higher headquarters were headed by a chief of staff. At all German headquarters, the staff officer in charge of operations was known as " la," the chief supply officer as " Ib," and the chief intelligence officer as " Ic."

During war time the operational area of the Army (Heeres) was divided into various segments. The operational area of an army (Armee) consisted of the combat zone and an army rear area. The operational area of an army group consisted of the operational areas of the armies under it and an army group rear area. The boundaries of the army group rear area coincided with the boundaries of the army rear areas and extended to the territory under civil administration of the Reich, such as the Commissariat Ostland in the east.

Army Groups (Heeresgruppen)
  1. Army Group 1
  2. Army Group 2
  3. Army Group 3
  4. Army Group 4
  5. Army Group 5
  6. Army Group 6
  7. Army Group A
  8. Army Group B
  9. Army Group C
  10. Army Group D
  11. Army Group E
  12. Army Group F
  13. Army Group G
  14. Army Group H
  15. Army Group Africa
    (Heeresgruppe Afrika)
  16. Army Group Don
  17. Army Group Courland
    (Heeresgruppe Kurland))
  18. Army Group Ligurien
  19. Army Group Center
    (Heeresgruppe Mitte)
  20. Army Group North
  21. Army Group North Ukraine
    (Heeresgruppe Nordukraine)
  22. Army Group Upper Rhine
    German Army Group Oberrhein
  23. Army Group Lohr
    German Army Group Ostmark
  24. Army Group East Prussia
  25. Army Group South
    (Heeresgruppe Sud)
  26. Army Group Southeast
    (Heeresgruppe Sudost)
  27. Army Group South Ukraine
    (Heeresgruppe Sudukraine)
  28. Army Group Tunisia
    (Heeresgruppe Tunis)
  29. Army Group Vistula
    (Heeresgruppe Weichsel)

Armies (Armee-Oberkommando)
  1. First Panzer Army
  2. Second Panzer Army
  3. Third Panzer Army
  4. Fourth Panzer Army
  5. Fifth Panzer Army
  6. Sixth Panzer Army
  7. First Army
  8. Second Army
  9. Third Army
  10. Fourth Army
  11. Fifth Army
  12. Sixth Army
  13. Seventh Army
  14. Eighth Army
  15. Ninth Army
  16. Tenth Army
  17. Eleventh Army
  18. Twelfth Army
  19. Fourteenth Army
  20. Fifteenth Army
  21. Sixteenth Army
  22. Seventeenth Army
  23. Eighteenth Army
  24. Nineteenth Army
  25. Twentieth Mountain Army
  26. Twenty-First Army
  27. Twenty-Fourth Army
  28. Twenty-Fifth Army
  29. African Panzer Army
  30. Lappland Army
    [German Twentieth Mountain Army]
  31. Ligurian Army
  32. Norwegian Army
    (Armee-Oberkommando Norwegen)
  33. East Prussian Army
    (Armee-Oberkommando Ostpreussen)
  34. German-Italian Panzer Army

    Armored groups (Panzergruppe)
  35. 1st Panzer Group
  36. 2nd Panzer Group
  37. 3rd Panzer Group
  38. 4th Panzer Group
  39. Panzer Group Africa
  40. Panzer Group Guderian
  41. Panzer Group Hoth
  42. Panzer Group Kleist
  43. Panzer Group West

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