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Falcon 10 / Falcon 100

The low end of Dassault's corporate jet lineup, the Falcon 10 and Falcon 100 series (Mystère 10 and Mystère 100 in France) sold in good numbers during a production run that lasted almost two decades. In concept a scaled down Falcon/Mystère 20, the Falcon 10/100 was an all new design, except for similar wing high lift devices, with a significantly smaller fuselage [4.9 ft high & 4.3 ft wide interior],. Conceived in the late 1960s, the Falcon 10 was the second member of the Dassault Falcon family to be developed.

In 1970 the Falcon 10 prototype flew with CJ610 engines. Three-dimensional aerodynamic analysis led to higher speed by changing wing thickness, sweep and incidence. A second prototype flew in 1971, with a Larzac engine on one side and a Garrett on the other. In 1972 a Falcon 10 with Garrett TFE731-2 engines sets 495-kt speed record for 2000 km. In 1973, U.S. and French type certificates are issued.

After the Falcon 20 there appeared on the market in 1981, the Falcon 100, very close to the Falcon 10, but the first to have avionics with EFIS-type CRT displays. The Falcon 100 was announced as a follow-on to the Falcon 10, with an external baggage compartment, an extra cabin window and electronic flight instruments as standard equipment.

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