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Czech Republic - Air Force - Order of Battle

The Czech Republic Air Force underwent a major reorganization in 2003, underwhich units were re-numbered and re-located.

21 Air Force Base

Members of the Base fulfill the tasks of the Tactical Air Force combat readiness to destroy namely air targets and to conduct air reconnaissance. They are also ready to fulfil combat missions against ground targets to a limited extent. The former 4th Tactical Air Force Base was equipped with MiG-21 MF, L-159 and L-39ZA combat aircraft.
211 Multi-purpose Squadron JAS 39
212 Fighter-bomber Squadron L 159A/T1

22 Air Force Base

22 Air Force Base [formerly the 34th Training Air Force Base] is located at the airfield which is used for civilian traffic as well. At one time its Training squadrons and Reconnaissance/Transportation Squadron were equipped with L-29, L-39, Z-142 CAF, L-410, An-30, aircraft and with Mi-17 and Mi-2 helicopters. The Base is used for practical training of pilots and students of Military Academy, Air Force and Air Defence Faculty, Brno. The Reconnaissance I Transportation Squadron fulfilled photogrammetrical missions for the needs of Topographic Service (namely civilan) and recently, it carries out the missions within OPEN SKIES project (observation flights Within 0pen Skies Treaty).
221 Trainer Squadron L-39ZA

23 Helicopter Base
Nmet nad Oslavou

23 Helicopter Base [formerly the 33rd Helicopter Air Base] is equipped with Mi-24D arid Mi-24V attack helicopters and with W3-A SOK4L, Mi-17, Mi-9 and Mi-8 multi-role helicopters. Members of the Air Base fulfil the tasks following from the combat readiness of the Helicopter Air Force for close support of ground troops.
231 Combat Helicopter Squadron Mi-35, MI-24V/DU
232 Transport Helicopter Squadron MI-17/sh, MI-9
233 SAR Helicopter Squadron W-3A

24 Transport Aircraft Base

24 Transport Aircraft Base [formerly the 6th Air Transportation Base] is equipped with Tu-154, CHALLENGER, Jak-40, An-24, An-26, L-410 transport aircraft and W3A SOKOL, Mi-17 and Mi-8 transport helicopters. Members of the Base provide transport for both personnel and material.
241 VIP Transport Squadron TU-154, Challenger, Yak-40, A -19, AN-26, L-410T
242 Helicopter Squadron MI-8, W-3A

25 Anti-aircraft Brigade

Air Defence Missile Troops ensure the defence of the Czech Republic air space, important objects and air defence of operational formations of the ACR troops. At one time it consisted of the following components: Air Defence Missile Brigades (41. plrb and 42. prlb) and Air Defence Missile Regiments (43., 44., 45. and 46. plrp).
251. anti-aircraft missile section 2K12 KUB
252. anti-aircraft missile section RBS-70, S-10

26 Command, Control and Reconnaissance Brigade
Star Boleslav

Radio-technical Troops and Electronic Warfare Troops conduct a continuous radar surveillance of the Czech republic airspace and distribute the information on the air situation. Signal Troops ensure a complex and continuous communication (radio, radio-relay, wire, field post and data transmission) between the Air Forces Headquarters and their subordinate units.

32nd tactical air force base

The 32nd tactical air force base was abolished in November 2003, within the newly outlined military reform necessitated by the government's planned cuts in defence spending. As late as the beginning of 2003, the Namest base was viewed as a military facility of primary importance. 32nd Tactical Air Force Base was equipped with Su-22M4, Su-25K and L-39ZA combat aircraft. Members of the Air Base fulfil the tasks following from the Tactical Air Force combat readiness to destroy both air and ground targets, to conduct air reconnaissance and to support the Ground Troops. Equipment and military specialists are to be transferred from Namest to the country's other tactical air force base in Caslav, central Bohemia, and the Namest airfield will be used as a base for helicopter units which have been based in Prerov, elsewhere in Moravia.

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