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Cyprus - Airforce Command

The Airforce Command, comprising the Staff and the Aviation Units, such as Helicopter and Aircraft Squadrons, Air Defence Squadrons, Air Control Squadrons and Support Squadrons, answers directly to the Chief of the National Guard General Staff. The Air Force mission is to maintain a high degree of operational readiness, with appropriate organization, staff training and maintenance of the means and systems available or assigned for the successful conduct of air operations, in accordance with the current military plans.

The presence of the Air Force in Cyprus begins in 1964. It was first formed and named as Air Force of Cyprus until 1976 when it was renamed Airforce Command. As early as 1964, it had developed:

  • 419 Air Defense Squadron at Lakatamia Airfield
  • 420 Air Defense Squadron at Tymbou Airfield
  • 3rd Early Warning Squadron in Kormakitis
  • Squadron of aircraft in Lakatamia Airfield
  • Air Control Center (ACC) at NG headquarters

The 4th Early Warning Squadron, which initially settled at a peak in Troodos Mountains after six months of operation moved to Kantara area of Pentadactylos Mount. After the 1974 Turkish invasion, the staff of the 3rd EWS was incorporated into the 4th EWS, both were transferred to Troodos and since 2002 renamed as the 4th Control and Report Center (CRC).

Airforce Command is directly under the command of the Chief of National Guard. It consists of its Administrative Headquarters and its Combat Units. They include Helicopter and aircraft squadrons, Air defense squadrons, Early Warning Squadrons and its logistic and support units. Head of the Airforce Command is its Commander. The Air Force Staff is organized in Branches, headed by its own Chief of Staff, who executes his duties with the assistance of Branch Managers.

The Branches are the following:

  • A Branch (Operations), consists of the following departments: #1 (Operational Planning), #2 (Intelligent Security), #3 (Drills Current Operations Foreign Relations), #4 (Air Defense).
  • B Branch (Personnel Training, Organization), consists of the following departments: #1 (Training), #2 (Personnel - Conscription), #3 (Judicial - Administrative), #4 (Military Recruitment), #5 (Organization), #6 (Standardization-Evaluation)
  • C Branch (Logistics and Support), consists of the following departments: C1 (Transportation Means - Weapon Systems), C2 (AC Maintenance - Quality Control), C3 (Communications Division-Avionics), C4 (Supply Division) and C5 (Facilities Division).
  • ACC Branch (Airspace Control Center).

The following are also units of the AC:

55 Combat Group with its Units:

  • 450 Helicopters Squadron.
  • 460 Search - Rescue Squadron.
  • 420 Air Defense Squadron
  • MEYP Logistic and Support Operational Squadron

Other Units of AC:

  • 4o CRC
  • 451 Active Air Defence Squadron
  • 453 Active Air Defence Squadron
  • 419 Air Defense Squadron

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