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Crécerelle (Kestrel)

Builder : Sagem
In-service in the French Army : Summer 1994
Breadth / Length : 3.30 m / 2.75 m
Weight : 115 kg
Autonomy : 3 hours
Power plant : 2-stroke engine, rear propeller
Operational ceiling : 10,000 ft
Maximum speed :

240 km/h
Navigation : Self-guided by digital computer using several sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer, GPS, pressure sensor)
Payload : Panoramic video camera, high definition camera, high definition infrared analyser, transmission of data to ground operators from up to 50 km
Composition of a complete CRECERELLE platoon : 1 ground control and image reception center, 1 launcher, 1 trailer and 6 drones
Major operational capabilities : Mission planning in 40 min ; maps and recce shots on optical disks ; night and day localisation of targets
cost less than $100,000
Main user nations : Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark
French Army inventory : 12 drones in 2 platoons
Typical mission Observation of refugee columns Detection and surveillance of adverse positions

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