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FV4004 Conway tank destroyer

The tank destroyer prototype was created on the basis of the Centurion medium tank. Developed for use in combat against heavy tanks of that period, including the IS-3. Conway was an attempt to up-gun the Centurion with a 120mm gun mounted in a high turret. A Centurion Mk 3 chassis served as the basis for the Conway. The SPG received the Centurions armour, ground wheels and engine without modifications. However, the 120 mm L1 cannon with its massive breech required a new turret. The engineers mounted the vehicles cannon and three crew members in a rather tall turret, which, in spite of its size, did not significantly add to the vehicles weight. The Conway retained the Centurions maximum speed of 21.5 miles per hour (roughly 35 km/h). Other attempts to up-gun the Centurion to 183mm were tried, firstly using a limited traverse mounting (no turret) and secondly using a lightly armoured fully traversable turret. This latter turret was until recently on the ground by the car park at Bovington, but has now been mounted on a Centurion hull, similar to the original configuation.

The FV4005 tank destroyer project was developed on the basis of the Centurion Mk3 tank in the early 1950s. The vehicle was initially tested with a mechanized ammo rack. However, the ammo rack did not fit the turret, and it was canceled. One prototype was manufactured and underwent trials, but the vehicle never entered mass production.

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