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Swiss Navy

Even if landlocked, Switzerland does have a small navy of sorts. Lakes Konstanz and Leman (Geneva) form international frontiers, and their navies consist of a few patrol craft. Switzerland also has a major Rhine commercial fleet, which military patrol craft in time of war. Both the navy and air force are branches of the army (like the infantry and artillery). Switzerland has its navy sailing on the various lakes like Constance (Bodensee), Leman (or Geneva but people outside of Geneva dislike this spelling), Brienz, Thun, 4 Cantons (Vierwaldstaettersee), Zug, Neuchatel, Biel/Bienne or Morat (Murten) to name a few. The Swiss "navy" consists of ten patrol boats on two lakes that form international borders (Constance and Leman). Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano form international borders with Italy. The shipping company for Lake Marriore is Italian and they seem to fly only the Italian flag. The shipping company for Lake Lugano is located in Switzerland and the square flag is flown there.

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