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Bumar sp. z o.o.

Bumar sp. z o.o. is a leading supplier and exporter of armaments and military equipment manufactured in the Polish defence industry. Bumar is the dominant entity of the Bumar Group. National defence corporation the Bumar Group consists of 40 companies: 20 manufacturing defence sector companies specializing in munitions, radars, command and control systems, rockets and armour, vehicles, 2 trade companies, 6 foreign entities and others.

The J. Stalin Mechanical Factory was erected in Labedy in April 1951 (Regulation No.97 of Heavy Industry Minister) abbreviated later as ZMIS, with main designation to produce heavy tracked vehicles such as tanks, agricultural and artillery tractors, excavators and cranes. The name of the factory and sometimes structure was changed several times within the space of these years. In 1956 it was shortened to Mechanical Factory "Labedy" in Labedy, and after joining the Labedy to Gliwice of course appeared name in Gliwice.

In the years from 1951 to 1956 were produced tanks of T-34 type, later T-54 type that were produced until 1964 and next, after upgrading, tanks of T-55A type until 1969. In this last period simultaneously started production of tanks of T-55 and T-55A type, which were produced until 1979. On the base of this tank new modification was constructed with new designation as Recovery Vehicle WZT-1 and WZT-2 and Engineering Vehicle in the Experimental Production Unit, later the Research and Development Centre of Mechanical Systems (OBRUM) in Gliwice. Regulation No.77 of Machine Industry Minister from December in 1975 established, on the basis of the Factory, Mechanical Equipment Industrial Complex "Bumar - Labedy" in Gliwice.

In 1989, a list of the 20 best Polish exporters from the point of view of their export share in all output sold was published for the year 1988 on the basis of the so-called "List of 500." With an export share of 77.99 percent, the Bumar-Labedy Combine for mechanical equipment in Gleiwitz held 13th place. In terms of the value of the exports, the combine held second place in the country. But Bumar-Labedy is a large tank producer that in times of less openness modestly called itself a producer of cranes (only 5 to 7 percent of the overall production). The combine exported armored weapons for $234 million in 1986, for $170 million in 1987, and for just $147 million in 1988. A decline in the demand for tanks was obvious even at that time. Based on stastical data, in 1986 that was 3.6 percent of the Polish receipts from the trade on a dollar basis with a positive import/export balance for all of the business done in this area. It was about 2.4 percent in 1987 and approximately 1.8 percent in 1988.

From the year 1980 Bumar produced the main battle tank T-72, T-72M1 and its variations: commander tank T-72M1K and Recovery Vehicle WZT-3 and Mine Clearing Vehicle. The Gulf War revealed some defects of this tank never the less it is treated as a tank at the turn II and III generation of tanks. So it was upgraded using domestic research and development resources such as OBRUM (Research and Development Centre of Mechanical Systems), OPTA, WITU (Military Institute of Armament), WITPiS (Military Institute of Armoured and Truck Vehicles) and constructed type PT-91 (Hard). Now it doesn't correspond fully to III generation of tanks but significantly approached to this. Bumar has produced this tank since 1993.

For over 40 years the company has been a leader in the domestic and international market of weaponry, construction plant, mining and handling equipment. Its extensive experience, world-recognized and distinguishable brand, achievements in implementing new technologies in the Polish industry and in initiating relationships with renowned producers all over the world, professional and skilful personnel are company’s main assets. Bumar has been supplying and selling its equipment and services to the Polish Army and in over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the U.S., winning many international bids. Bumar Group’s capital accumulated at Bumar sp. z o.o. is equal to PLN 1.644.387.000.

Bumar sp. z o.o.’s leading role in the Bumar Group takes the form of central provision of manufacturing materials and components, designing and financing of the output intended for export and domestic sale, monitoring of production capacity, implementation of changes in the production profile and size, coordination and management of R&D work and implementation of offset contracts. Bumar sp. z o.o. also supplies civil industry products, such as construction, road and mining plant and machinery, railway accessories and other industrial goods, to domestic and foreign markets.

The Bumar Group was formed in 2002 as a result of adoption of Strategy for Structural Transformation of the Defence Sector Capacity 2002-2005 by the Polish Government. Bumar sp. z o.o. was appointed the integrator of the newly formed Bumar Group, with the responsibility for exercising owners supervision.

The Bumar Group consists of 22 manufacturing companies from the Polish defence industry (PPO) specializing in munitions radars, rockets, armour and vehicles including 2 trade companies. Some of the dependent companies form capital groups. Bumar also holds shares in other companies, including foreign ones. More than 50 entities belong to the Bumar Group. The internal structure of the Bumar Group form Bumar Electronics SA, two capital subgroups Bumar Amunicja SA and Bumar Zolnierz SA and the product division Bumar Land. Market activities of the Bumar Group are concentrated around four product groups constituting the subject mattter of production and service divisions respectively:

  • BUMAR AMMUNITION: ammunitions and missiles (shooting ammunition, artillery and missiles, SPIKE, GROM, FENIKS missiles);
  • BUMAR SOLDIER: the soldier and the official (individual equipment and armament of the soldiers including: pistols, guns, optoelectronic equipmnet, protective meas: gas masks, helmets, bullet-proof jacets);
  • BUMAR ELECTRONICS: electrionics and IT (commandment systems, radars, sensors, anticraft and anti-missiles systems);
  • BUMAR LAND: lands paltforms (wheel, caterpillar patforms, military vehicles, tanks, special vehicles, technical backup vehicles, bridges).
The Group mission is to develop consolidated defence industry to secure the demands of the Polish Armed Forces for modern armaments and military equipment, and to secure a leading position for Group companies in the global marketplace. Main objects of the Bumar Group are:
  • to equip the Polish Armed Forces with special equipment and services in line with the Poland`s National Security Strategy;
  • to adapt its manufacturing capacity to the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, to consolidate that capacity in terms of capital and to gear production toward exports;
  • to stimulate technological progress and development of the R&D capacity, including through participation and cooperation with international European and cross-Atlantic organizations;
  • to continuously upgrade production, including mainly armaments and military equipment, in line with the expectations of the Polish Armed Forces and to develop exports;
  • to achieve economic stabilization of the Bumar Group companies and to increase their market value;
The Bumar Group consists of operations specializing in military equipment manufacturing, employing 9.400 people with the responsibility to address any customer demands and to ensure professional support services.

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