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Infrastructure Regiment

Infrastructure Regiment was created with the Minister of Defense Order Nr. 29. 29. date 25.01.2007. dated 25/01/2007. With this order was suprimua Brigade Xhenios, up to this time in dependency of the Land Forces Command. The structure Regiment Infrastructure include:

  • Xheniero-building battalion.
  • Albanian Military Geographic Institute (IGUS).
  • Institute of Defense Studies and Design (ISPMb).

The Xheniero-building battalion on 1 July 1968 the battalion was established mechanisms of Serious engineering Babrru deployed in Tirana. The purpose of creating this structure was to carry out various special works mainly for the execution of works of fortification. In 1983 Mechanisms of Severe battalion was involved in the structure of the newly established Division Xhenios. Battalion has conducted the most important tasks in terms of building facilities fortification. Among the main objects fortification are:

  • Construction of Naval Base in tail-Pall, Durres.
  • Building heliodromit of Farka, Tirana.
  • Construction ground to Gjadrit, Lezha.
  • Construction of tunnel for warships in Shengjin, Lezha.

In support of civil infrastructure construction:

  • 1986-1985; Building Rrshen rail station.
  • 1988-1989; Building railway station Klos, Burrel.
  • 1990-1992; Rrshen-rail construction etc. Klos.

In 1993 the Division suprimimin With Xhenios, battalion was involved in the structure of the Brigade Xhenios that is currently named Xheniero-Nrtues Battalion. In this period of engagement in support of the civilian population becomes more evident. Among the most important works listed:

  • Llogara-Palace road reconstruction.
  • Bogov-orovod road reconstruction.
  • 2002; Construction segment Qaf Mejdan-Qaf Morine, Tropoje.
  • 2003-2005; Construction of Milot-Rrshen road, part of the axis-Kukes-Morine dures.
  • 2005; reconstruction and asphalt paving of segment curves of Mount Dajti-Qaf Apple.
  • January 2007, with suprimimin Brigade Xhenios, xheniero-building battalion passes in the composition of the Regiment of Infrastructure.

Military Geographic Institute was established by the Council of Ministers dated 08.03.1975, subject to Ministry of Defense, based in Tirana. The Law Nr. 8907 dated 06.06.2002 received status IGJU National Mapping Agency officially covering the topographic base Albanian geodesies. By the Council of Ministers no. 404, date 19/06/2003 the Board IGJU Created Albanian Gjeoinformacionit (BSHGJ), with representatives from ministries, Academy of Sciences, universities and private cartographic agencies.

Institute of Defense Studies and Design was established with Decision Nr. 19. dated 25 .01.1975 name Studies and Design Institute of Protection Acts (ISPVM).

The infrastructure of the Armed Forces is being developed and modernized to support the new organization and missions of forces and units, to increase the level of training, to improve personnel living standards, and to develop infrastructure in the most essential areas to accomplish tasks in bilateral or multilateral frameworks. Investments in infrastructure, especially in naval and air bases, in national ranges, aims to fulfill standards required to make them ready and available to NATO Forces. Development of national infrastructure takes into account its use by the Armed Forces, as well as the execution of Host Nation obligations in support of NATO/coalition forces which may operate in, train in, or pass through the territory of the Republic of Albania. Infrastructure excess to the positioning plan and unnecessary for the Armed Forces will be eliminated in accordance with a designated plan. Transformation and improvement of the maintenance system of are being done in response to the requirements that the Armed Forces have for products and maintenance.


Instituti i Gjeografis Ushtrake

Institute of Geography Ushtrake

Instituti i Studimeve dhe Projektimeve t Mbrojtjes

Institute of Defense Studies and Design

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