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Batalioni i Policis Ushtarake
Policia Ushtarake - Military Police

The mission of the Military Police is the retention of military rule in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania, detection, prevention and prosecution of criminal activity, engagement in the fight against terrorism, taking part in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations and protection of state property management and use of Armed Forces , against legal actions.

After 90 years to maintain order and military discipline within the military garrisons, but also in public areas and in urban transport network, emerged as the necessity to create an executive structure in the Armed Forces to carry out this mission.

On 1 February 1992 by order of the Minister of Defense General Staff of Armed Forces was established Military Police Division. In 1993 the structure of the Military Police Branch was established sector of MNZ. In December 1994 established the Criminal Police Division comprises the Military Police. In January of 1995 created the Directorate of Military Police.

With the creation of the Directorate, Military Police structures in the districts passed its functional dependency. In 1995 the autonomous region was established Military Police, as subordinate structures. In December of 2000 created the Military Police Regiment direct dependency of General Staff of the Armed Forces.

In 2000 was created 5 sections of the Judicial Police, prosecutors exercising military activity near Tirana, Shkodra, Korca, Gjirokastra, Vlora. Continuation of reforms in the Armed Forces made in September of 2003 the structure of organized military police battalion level. By order of the Minister of Defense Nr. 87 dated 14/06/2007 restructuring became the Military Police Battalion, which was the dependence of the Support Command.

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