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Defense Industry

MEICO" (Military Export Import Company) is a state enterprise dependence of the Ministry of Defense of Albania. Kjo ndermarje eshte krijuar ne vitin 1991 me Vendim te Keshillit te Ministrave Nr. This company is founded in 1991 by the Council of Ministers Nr. 366 date 05.10.1991 "On establishment of the Company Import - Export reports to the Ministry of Defense" and that from this year and carries out its activities to meet the needs of the Albanian Armed Forces and institutions tjerame specific import military character, as well as goods eksportete stocks ushtarakete rejadhe Albanian Army, and military industry products.

MEICO was created in October 1991, soon after the fall of communism. On paper, its purpose was to "manage" the gigantic store of equipment and munitions which the Albanian Armed Forces had inherited from the paranoid, isolationist communist regime. In practice, MEICO's purpose was to try to sell these excess weapons and equipment off as a source of state income. No importing was done during this first period and that all activities were focused on export. MEICO's staff was rudimentary, consisting initially of one director and one secretary. Hence, while in theory MEICO managed all military exports, in practice individual entities managed their own sales and merely used MEICO as the official conduit. To enforce this, Defense Ministers would require the intermediary of MEICO for other entities to receive export licenses.

From 1 June 2009, all commercial entities, private or state, who have as their object of activity the import, export, transit, transshipin, brokering, transfer or exposure of military goods and goods and technologies with dual-use included in the list of control of the European Union and approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania, no. 1569, datŰ 19.11.2008. 1569, dated 19.11.2008. are legally obliged to licensed or authorized in advance by the State Authority for the Export Control (ANA), according to the procedures and powers provided by legislation of the Republic of Albania.

KM Polišan / Ammunition

This is a state enterprise, founded in 1962, in order to fulfill the requirements for the weapons of the Albanian Armed Forces. In the period 1962-1966 was established production lines for 7.62 mm x 39 ammunition ( "Kallash-Nikov"), 82 mm mortar ammunition, grenades offensive and Defenders, as well as antipersonnel mines. In the period 1970-1972 in the existing building was installed production lines and antitank mines in a new building was set 180 mm lines of fireworks. In the period 1977-1985 was carried out with a deep reconstruction of machinery and equipment coming from Switzerland and Austria to enable production of 12.7 mm caliber ammunition and 14.5 x 99 mm x 51 and 60 caliber ammunition, mortar, 107 and 120 mm. company currently produces ammunition type pistol "Makarov" and "Parabellum" with 19mm bore. The company has great opportunities to produce for the civilian population, especially iron and steel foundry products. Kombinati of Polican has GOST quality system.

UM GRAMSH / weaponry

State companies. Project work began in 1962, Chinese production license in 1962 with "Simonov" 7.62 mm caliber type rifle . In 1974 production was installed automatic AK 47. UM GRAMSH provides manufacturing services for defense industry with its precise machinery high, repairs, treatments in hot as well emailim surfaces. Company quality system is certified by GOST. AUTOMATIK AK 47 features: powerful automatic weapon.

ULP MEDECINE / explosive

In 1982 it began producing powerful explosives license of "BOFORS" in new environments and appropriate. 6 Total facilities are located near the city of Elbasan, located about 50 km from Tirana. Company currently produces only dinamite and ammunition to meet the needs of the Albanian mining exports and is successfully in Kosovo. Company is interested to cooperate with foreign companies in collaboration production and marketing their products, dinamite especially, ammunition and propelante.

Prodhime: Products:

  • dinamite - Dinamite
  • municione - Ammunition
  • barut i zi - Black powder
  • fitila sigurie - Safety fuses
  • TNT - TNT
  • DNT - DNT
  • RDX - RDX
  • Propelante (NG / NC)-based single and couples
  • Nitroceluloze

Recently company is successfully conducting a Draft for the demilitarization of about 1.3 million antipersonnel mines and hopes to start a new project for the destruction of ammunition easier.

MILITARY CLOTHING undertaking Tirana

State company located in Tirana and was founded in 1944, offers cash textiles in the field of military clothing.

Products available:

  • Clothing for summer army and police and dimmer.
  • Clothing and coverings and khaki camouflage, cover to reinforce
  • Exercise suits and khaki camouflage suits for summer and winter.
  • Coverage for military technical, etc..

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