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160 "Empires"

Many of these ancient "empires" were quite small by later standards. Some of these "empires" are in truth no more than kingdoms.

1Abbasid Empire 750 AD 1258 AD
2Achaemenid Empire 559 BC330 BC
3Afsharid Empire 1736 AD1750 AD
4Aghlabid Empire 800 AD909 AD
5Aiyubid Empire 1171 AD1250 AD
6Akkadian Empire 2300 BC2193 BC
7Almohad Empire 1147 AD1268 AD
8Almoravid Empire 1031 AD1147 AD
9American Empire 1898 ADPresent
10Anglo-French Empire 1066 AD1558 AD
11Anglo-Norman Empire 1066 AD1154 AD
12Antigonus Empire 315 BC301 BC
13Ashanti Empire 1680 AD1896 AD
14Assyrian Empire I 1813 BC1780 BC
15Assyrian Empire II 1360 BC1076 BC
16Assyrian Empire III 930 BC609 BC
17Athenian Empire 467 BC404 BC
18Austrian Empire 1278 AD1887 AD
19Austro-Hungarian Empire 1867 AD1918 AD
20Avar Empire 560 AD800 AD
21Aztec Empire 1310 AD1519 AD
22Babylonian Empire I 1780 BC1740 BC
23Babylonian Empire II 1500 BC1160 BC
24Babylonian Empire III 612 BC539 BC
25Bornu Empire 1400 AD1808 AD
26Brazilian Empire 1822 AD1889 AD
27Bulgarian Empire I 680 AD1018 AD
28Bulgarian Empire II 1202 AD1382 AD
29Buyids Empire 945 AD1055 AD
30Byzantine Empire I 364 AD1204 AD
31Byzantine Empire II 1261 AD1453 AD
32Carthaginian Empire 550 BC201 BC
33Chavin Empire 2100 BC300 BC
34Crusading Empire 10951291
35Delhi Empire 1206 AD1526 AD
36Dutch East Indian Empire I 1609 AD1811 AD
37Dutch East Indian Empire II 1816 AD1942 AD
38Dutch East Indian Empire III 1945 AD1949 AD
39Eblaite Empire 2400 BC2300 BC
40Egyptian Empire 1560 BC1065 BC
41Elamite Empire 1200 BC1110 BC
42Eldegüzid Empire 1137 AD1225 AD
43English Empire 1497 AD1707 AD
44Ethiopian Empire I 1270 AD1632 AD
45Ethiopian Empire II 1855 AD1974 AD
46Fatimid Empire 909 AD1171 AD
47First British Empire 1707 AD1783 AD
48First Burmese Empire 849 AD1287 AD
49Frankish Empire 751 AD987 AD
50French Empire I 1804 AD1815 AD
51French Empire II 1852 AD1870 AD
52Fulani Empire 1804 AD1903 AD
53German Empire I 1871 AD1918 AD
54German Empire II 1933 AD1945 AD
55Ghaznavid Empire 977 AD1050 AD
56Ghana Empire 500 AD1076 AD
57Ghurid Empire 1050 AD1206 AD
58Gokturk Empire I 552 AD630 AD
59Gokturk Empire II 683 AD744 AD
60Gokturk Empire III 553 AD659 AD
61Haitian Empire 1804 AD1806 AD
62Han Empire 206 BC220 AD
64Heian Empire 794 AD1185 AD
64Hittie Empire I 1650 BC1550 BC
65Hittie Empire II 1370 BC1200 BC
66Holy Roman Empire 800 AD1806 AD
67Huari Empire 660 AD1050 AD
68Huns Empire 370 AD453 AD
69Il-Khanate Empire 1256 AD1335 AD
70Inca Empire 1400 AD1535 AD
71Indian Empire 1860 AD1947 AD
72Israelite Empire 1000 BC930 BC
73Italian Empire 1936 AD1946 AD
74Japanese Empire 1868 AD1945 AD
75Johore Empire 1511 AD1824 AD
76Kamakura Empire 1185 AD1333 AD
77Karakhitai Empire 1130 AD1211 AD
78Kassite Empire 1550 BC1100 BC
79Khmer Empire 802 AD1434 AD
80Khwarezmian Empire 1211 AD1231 AD
81Kushana Empire 25 AD240 AD
82Lancastrian Empire 1399 AD1461 AD
83Luba Empire 1560 AD1885 AD
84Lunda Empire 1620 AD1891 AD
85Lydian Empire 600 BC547 BC
86Macedonian Empire 359 BC167 BC
87Majapahit Empire 1293 AD1478 AD
88Malacca Empire 1402 AD1511 AD
89Mali Empire 1237 AD1464 AD
90Mameluke Empire 1250 AD1517 AD
91Manchurian Empire 1616 AD1644 AD
92Marian Empire 2500 BC2400 BC
93Mauryan Empire 325 BC185 BC
94Median Empire 728 BC550 BC
95Mexican Empire I 1822 AD1822 AD
96Mexican Empire II 1865 AD1867 AD
97Merinid Empire 1268 AD1465 AD
98Ming Empire 1368 AD1644 AD
99Mitannian Empire 1465 BC1268 BC
100Mongolian Empire 1206 AD1368 AD
101Monomotapa Empire 1430 AD1888 AD
102Moravian Empire 850 AD906 AD
103Mtetwa Empire 1795 AD1818 AD
104Mughal Empire 1526 AD1761 AD
105Nicaen Empire 1204 AD1261 AD
106Ottoman Empire 1299 AD1922 AD
107Parthian Empire 247 BC224 AD
108Phrygian Empire 750 BC696 BC
109Plantagenet Empire 1128 AD1399 AD
110Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1569 AD1795 AD
111Pontus Empire 302 BC 63 BC
112Portuguese Empire 1415 AD1999 AD
113Qajar Empire 1779 AD1925 AD
114Qin Empire 221 BC207 BC
115Qing Empire 1644 AD1911 AD
116Rabih's Empire 1893 AD1901 AD
117Rashidun Empire 632 AD 661 AD
118Roman Empire 264 BC476 AD
119Ruruan Empire 400 AD552 AD
120Russian Empire 1721 AD1917 AD
121Safavid Empire 1501 AD1736 AD
122Saffarid Empire 868 AD903 AD
123Samanids Empire 874 AD999 AD
124Samory's Empire 1879 AD1898 AD
125Sassanid Empire 224 AD651 AD
126Satavahana Empire 50 BCAD 226
127Scottish Empire 1698 AD1700 AD
128Second British Empire 1763 AD1931 AD
129Second Burmese Empire 1531 AD1752 AD
130Seleucid Empire 301 BC67 BC
131Seljuq Empire 1037 AD1157 AD
132Songhai Empire 1464 AD1640 AD
133Soviet Russia Empire 1917 AD1922 AD
134Spanish Empire 1492 AD1898 AD
135Spartan Empire 560 BC371 BC
136Srivijaya Empire 800 AD1377 AD
137Sumerian Empire 2100 BC2025 BC
138Sung Empire 960 AD1279 AD
139Swahili Empire 1100 AD1500 AD
140Tahirid Empire 821 AD873 AD
141Tang Empire 618 AD907 AD
142Third Burmese Empire 1752 AD1886 AD
143Timurid Empire 1370 AD1506 AD
144Tokugawa Empire 1603 AD1868 AD
145Tudor Empire 1485 AD1558 AD
146Tukolor Empire 1854 AD1891 AD
147Trapezounta Empire 1204 AD1461 AD
148Uighur Empire 744 AD840 AD
149Umayyad Empire 661 AD 750 AD
150Urartean Empire 800 BC735 BC
151Vijaynagar Empire 1336 AD1646 AD
152Wattasid Empire 1465 AD1549 AD
153White Huns Empire 420 AD560 AD
154Xiongnu Empire 210 BC51 BC
155Yamkhad Empire 1830 BC1600 BC
156Yorkist Empire 1461 AD1485 AD
157Zand Empire 1750 AD1779 AD
158Zeng Empire 980 AD1515 AD
159Zeyarid Empire 927 AD1090 AD
160Zulu Empire 1818 AD1887 AD

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