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Dynasty X

. . . . ca. 2175
Nebkaure Akhtoy(father of Merikare?)
Merikare(contemporary with latterca. 2075
part of reign of Wahankh Inyotef I)
Meri[. . .]re Akhtoy(different from "Merihathor" and founder of Dynasty X)
Wahkare Akhtoy
Khui(on a fragment from Dara)
Iytjenu (part of a Dyn. X personal name from Saqqara)

10th Dynasty : names of this dynasty certainly not known, some of them are:-

• Nefarkarie
• Okharie
• Mriekharie

Fourteen Heracleopolitans who ruled the north and fought the Thebans of contemporary Dynasty XI until defeated by Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II between 2047 and 2022. Six kings are attested in contemporary sources. Others cannot be dated even approximately.

Dynasties from 7-10 are considered ages of feudality and the route to wane, which led to social and economic deterioration later then followed by a social revolution. Literature enhanced in such age.

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