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Order of Battle

HQ Central Military High Command: Heliopolis, Cairo
153rd Special Forces Regiment/Group
159th Special Forces Regiment/Group
Tactical Missile Command
SSM Brigade 1st
SSM Brigade 2nd
5 Batteries upgraded FROG-7 (license built)
5 Batteries Sakr-80 (Frog-7 design)
4 Batteries Scud-B (license built)
2 Batteries Scud-C (license built with North Korean assistance)
2 Batteries Project-T Missile (Argentinean/French tech & DPRK help)
1 Battery Al Badr 2000 (Scud-C, Not Condor 2)
1 Battery Nodong-1
Republican Guard
33rd Republican Guard Armored Brigade
35th Republican Guard Armored Brigade
510th Republican Guard Mechanized Brigade
512th Republican Guard Mechanized Brigade
First Field Army: HQ in Cairo
1st Corps: Field HQ In Heliopolis, Cairo,
Central Military Region
24th Independent Mechanized Brigade
116th Field Artillery Brigade
117th Field Artillery Brigade
135th Special Forces Regiment
1st Republican Guard Armored Division
2nd Corps: Field HQ in Alexandria,
Northern Military Region
18th Independent Armored Brigade
218th Independent Infantry Brigade
118th Field Artillery Brigade
119th Field Artillery Brigade
129th Special Forces Regiment
6th Mechanized Division
3rd Corps: Field HQ in Assiut,
Southern Military Region
36th Independent Armored Brigade
120th Field Artillery Brigade
121st Field Artillery Brigade
222nd Air Mobile Brigade
8th Mechanized Division
Second Field Army: HQ Ismaelia
1st Corps: Field HQ Port Said,
Northern Suez Canal Military Zone
122nd Field Artillery Brigade
123rd Field Artillery Brigade
412th Paratroops Brigade
117th Special Forces Regiment
2nd Armored Division
7th Mechanized Division [ex 2nd Inf Div]
2nd Corps: Field HQ in Ismaelia,
Central Suez Canal Military Zone
124th Field Artillery Brigade
125th Field Artillery Brigade
123rd Special Forces Regiment
4th Armored Division
17th Mechanized Division
3rd Corps: Field HQ in El Mansoura, El Sharqueya,
Eastern Delta Military Region
219th Independent Infantry Brigade
126th Field Artillery Brigade
815th Heavy Mortar Brigade
7th Armored Division
19th Mechanized Division
Third Field Army: HQ Suez
1st Corps: Field HQ in Cairo
Suez Highway Military Region
94th Independent Mechanized Brigade
127th Field Artillery Brigade
224th Air Mobile Brigade
9th Armored Division
23rd Mechanized Division
2nd Corps: Field HQ in Suez,
Suez Canal Military Zone
44th Independent Armored Brigade
128th Field Artillery Brigade
129th Field Artillery Brigade
816th Heavy Mortar Brigade
141st Special Forces Regiment
36th Mechanized Division
3rd Corps: Field HQ in Hurghada,
Red Sea Military Region
82nd Independent Armored Brigade
110th Independent Mechanized Brigade
111th Independent Mechanized Brigade [ex 130th Amphib Bde]
130th Field Artillery Brigade
147th Special Forces Regiment
16th Mechanized Division

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