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Ecuadorian Naval Aviation

The development of the Navy was given years ago to the present, being created in 1943 the first naval squadron, the same as it was taking larger and importance within the national security and armed forces; their horizons were expanding operating scope to the extent that the incursion was seen coming new concept of three-dimensional mission of war at sea; so having the support of an early warning is essential. Making history and going back to 1921, when the first ministerial decrees were issued to record the beginning of the formation of an aviation school in Ecuador; It shows that, along with these also went outlining the first names in the history of naval aviation.

In 1952, US returns the Midshipman García, graduate in Annapolis (USA), after having completed a course of aviation in that country. This young officer brought with him the idea and the firm intention to strive for the aviation under the direct command of the Navy of Ecuador; fortunately for our institution we have always had good men of strong personality, who have communed with this ideal of giving the Navy needed to fulfill its mission fully in accordance with the requirements of warfare technology for each season supplement; and some officers got their drivers license in civil entities using their own financial resources; as an example we have the Lieutenant Germanic Olmedo in 1963 and 1966 to TNFG Jaime Puente Rigo Rigi, these officers with effort, sacrifice and perseverance presented and cemented this idea in the highest levels of naval command, gaining support at the time of the Admirals Mr. Noriega and Jorge Ortega Calderon, who were recorded by first lines of the organization of what should be Naval Aviation.

It is then with the addition of the first naval aircraft on 19 June 1967 that the new command appears in the Navy of Ecuador "Naval Aviation". They were then acquiring other new units in the direct service of the Navy and more officers enrumbaban in the road map, drawn by that life was Mr. Lieutenant Commander Jaime Puente Rigo Rigi, taking thus the decision to surrender to aviation naval; among these pioneers we have to Midshipman Patricio Larrea, TNFG Romulo Donoso, Lieutenant Junior Grade Yesid Jaramillo and Midshipman Jaime Paez same who took the course at the flying club and after graduation was officially incorporated as a naval pilot in the Navy ranks in 1967.

Naval Aviation was formed March 19, 1968, subordinating it to the First Naval Zone as a division thereof; then with the expansion of the scope of Naval Aviation and the complete fulfillment of our mission, both operational and logistical and / or support to our institution it made the acquisition in 1973 of the first rotary wing aircraft.

Currently aircraft fixed wing and rotary wing assume an increasingly important role in the theater of maritime operations role and definitely constitute an indispensable and complementary to the operations they perform drives surface, underwater, coast guard instrument and Body Marine. In times of peace or crisis, the importance of having a fully equipped naval air force to enable it meet your specific tasks within the field of internal and external security and the technology implemented will allow patrol vast sea areas in short is evident weather.

Currently the Naval aviation has in its ranks with twelve promotions nine naval aviators and aircraft mechanics and has thirteen fixed-wing aircraft nine rotary wing aircraft and six aircraft (UAVs).

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