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105th Armor Division

Originally organized as a tank battalion in October 1948, it was expanded to a regiment in May 1949 and to a brigade in early 1950, and was reported as a division despite its small strength in late 1950. The unit was initially organized with sixty T-34 tanks.

As a brigade, the 105th was involved in the initial attacks on the South Korea on June 25, 1950. The attack was along the Uijongbu Corridor against the ROK 7th Division.

Though the unit was considered a Brigade for sometime, its being composed of three armored regiments (with 40 T-34s each), a mechanized infantry regiment, a SU-76 regiment and a training regiment gave it the strength of a division.

During the late 1950s the 105th Tank Division, which was the KPA's primary Korean War tank unit, was only a division in name being the size of a regiment or brigade. It apparently provided a cadre for the establishment of other tank units. It appears that during the early to mid 1960s the KPA did reconstitute the 105th as a tank division and possibly established a second tank division [by the early 1970s a second tank division was confirmed by US Intelligence and was located in the Koksan region].

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