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Military region of Villa Clara

The Military Region of Villa Clara had its background in the General Staff of Villa Clara. Its formation dates from 1984 when they unified the General Staff of the Territorial Troops Militias, the Civil Defense and the Provincial Military Committee. As of December 4 of that year, by order of the head of the Central Army, the Provincial and Municipal Military Headquarters were created, in accordance with the territorial defensive system and on the basis of the conception of the War of the Whole People. This process culminated the following February 24th. The PCC, the UJC and the CTC were created in the EMP and the EMMs under the direction of the respective municipal committees.

Among the main activities performed by the EMP are:

  • Armored Mountain Exercise 84 presided over by the Minister of the FAR.
  • Exercise Batalla de Santa Clara 85.
  • Strategic Exercise Bastion 86, occasion in which the Minister of the FAR visited the EMP.
  • Operation Tribute in homage to the internationalist martyrs.
  • Meteor exercises.
  • Inspection of the National Commission for the declaration of Ready for the defense in the first stage.
  • Maneuver for the 30th anniversary of September 5, presided over by the Minister of the FAR.
  • During the eighth Science and Technology Forum, the EMP reached the first place at the Army level.

On April 4, 1994, the central act for the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Central Army presided over by the Minister of the FAR and by the first Chief of the Army, the Commander of the Revolution, was held at the School of Preparation for Defense. Juan Almeida Forest. On that occasion, the EMP was visited for the second time by Army General Raul Castro Ruz. Between 1990 and 1996, the EMP obtained the first place in its emulative group and in the 1992-1993 biennium, the top position in the socialist emulation at FAR level was achieved. The best-of-breed condition at the army level is repeated in 1997 and the provincial military committee achieves the same status. In 1997, Operation Tribute was carried out for the transfer of the remains of Che and his comrades fallen in combat, an act that was presided over by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. In October 1998, the preparation and realization of the ceremony for the transfer of the remains of Tania was carried out and in 2002, those of Commander Vilo Acuña and other comrades were received. In 1999, as part of the structural improvement, the EMP became a Military Region and the EMM in military sectors, readjusting the templates of all the units according to their missions. During the passage of Cyclone Michelle through the territory, on November 5, 2001, the Commander in Chief visited the General Staff of the Region to receive information. Chaired by Army General Raúl Castro, workshops on the use of tanks in the mountains (2003) and on the obstacle of the city (2005) were held in the territory of the RM. Participation in the 2004 Bastion Strategic Exercise.

With the proclamation of the Commander in Chief to the people of Cuba in 2006, Operation Caguairán began. Reserves were formed and strengthen the defensive capacity of the territory. The work carried out in improving the living and working conditions of the staff is highlighted .

Main leaders that the Military Region of Villa Clara has had until July 2009.

  • Brigadier General Nivio Sánchez Arce.
  • Brigadier General José Merencio García.
  • Brigadier General Roberto Legrá Sotolongo.
  • General of Brigade Juan Luis Hernández.
  • Brigadier General Rafael Hernández Delgado.
  • Brigadier General Omar Rodríguez Betancourt
  • Brigadier General José B. Keizer Ramírez.

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