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Military region of Cienfuegos

After the creation on October 16, 1959, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, in the Region of the then municipality of Cienfuegos, established the Military Directorate for the organization, control and mobilization of the Revolutionary National Militias. They were composed of workers, peasants and students grouped around the Rebel Army to defend the triumphant Revolution.

On November 27, 1963, the Compulsory Military Service Act was enacted. Organized the Provincial, Regional and Municipal Military Committees, in accordance with the existing political-administrative division. The Provincial Committee was based in the city of Santa Clara; the regional one, in Cienfuegos, which served the municipalities of Palmira, Camarones, Cruces, Lajas, Rhodes, Real Campiña and Aguada.

In 1970, due to changes in structure, the Division became a Brigade. Three years later, it disintegrated. When the UM 1520 was deactivated, it moved to occupy the facilities in Villa Lora. Between November 1975 and the first quarter of 1976, reservists are called to fulfill missions in the People's Republic of Angola and Ethiopia. With the new political-administrative division, the CMRs disappear and the CMPs begin in May 1977.

In May 1980, the creation of the Territorial Troops Militias began in the province. At the end of 1984, the experimental unification of the commands of the MTT, Civil Defense and Military Committee began, under a single command, exercised by the Military Deputy of the President of the People's Power Assembly. It was decided to move the provincial staff of the MTT to Villa Lora, where the provincial military committee was based. Each body continued working independently under the domination of Provincial Military Headquarters.

According to the Minister's Directive, the Operations Section began to be constituted at the beginning of 1985. In the middle of the year, by decision of a commission of the Minfar, presided over by the then colonel Urbelino Betancourt, the integration is ordered, up to the municipality level of the Defense Civil. That is why he moved to Villa Lora as well and began to be called the Provincial Staff (EMP).

On April 30, 1999, the RM and BILM Headquarters were established in the theater of the EMP.

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