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BTR-115 - BTR-60 115mm T-62 turret

The so-called BTR-115 is a BTR chassis, to which the T-62 turret has been mounted. Army General Raul Castro Ruz visited three industrial military companies in Havana, as part of a journey that he had undertaken for some days in the country and that took him previously to Camagey, Santiago de Cuba and Mayabeque. On 19 February 2018 the Cuban President went to the Emilio Brcenas Pier Industrial Military Company, in which armored vehicles for the Revolutionary Armed Forces and other means of transport are repaired and modernized. There the Army General was made aware of the fulfillment of the economic indicators of the company, which has more than 1,700 workers and has among its main production lines the repair, maintenance and modernization of bulldozers, cranes and tractors; Maz, Kamaz and Kraz trucks, among others.

He saw the new generation "institutional" version of the Cuban Army BTR-60, the biggest change compared to the old variant is that it carries a new, larger-sized cannon with a fume extractor near the middle of the barrel. It is not difficult to realize that this type of cannon is the U-5TS (also known as 2A20) of 115 mm size equipped with the main T-62 battle tanks, which the Cuban Army also has a lot.

The new vehicle fitted with an upgraded turret of the T-62 main battle tank and called the BTR-116. According to the current information, were produced approximately 10 new wheeled fire support vehicles. The BTR-116 has a modified hull and it is a radical and deep modernization of the BTR-60 APC. This fire support vehicle is effective against all APCs, IFVs, fortifications, and infantry. It can also engage medium tanks. Gun is loaded manually. No further details on the BTR-116s specifications have been adduced.

The integration of 115mm guns on the BTR-60 will certainly help this armored vehicle with a much better capacity than the current, capable of destroying the enemy's advanced tanks as well as providing a high level of firepower reinforcement for infantry. The cannon is much more powerful, 115mm and smooth bore, superior to 105mm western guns. In the few photos that are, it is seen that the turret goes back more than the 100mm of the BTR-100. But the barrel looks shorter. It is speculated that the latter may be due to the fact that the barrel power is too much for the vehicle, and that the Cubans would use it as the BMP-3 cannon. That is, discarding the use of APFSDS projectiles. Possibly it would use only the FRAG-HE, for fire support. And as an antitank weapon, it could trust the Bastion missile, launched by the cannon.

Although the capacity has not been tested through actual combat, Cuba's practice is really a creative solution, and it may be worthwhile for the Vietnam People's Army to study and study to be able to deploy when exporting. currently requires urban combat in the new situation.

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