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Naval Bases

The ARC maintains a number of naval and river bases on both coasts, as well as multiple fluvial bases along the Colombia's largest naval bases are:

Major Bases

Naval Base ARC Bolivar BN1 AtlanticCartagena10°24'42" N 75°32'55" E
Naval Base ARC Bahia Malaga BN2 PacificBuenaventura03°58'08" N 77°19'01" E
Naval Base ARC Leguzamo BN3 RiverPuerto Leguizamo00°12'10" S74°46'37" E

Squadron Bases

Naval Base ARC San Andres BN4 (Nicaragua)San Andrés12°31'31" N 81°43'48" E
Naval Base ARC Orinoquía BN5Puerto Carreno06°10'43" N 67°28'54" E
Fluvial and MarineLetiticia (Rio Amazonas) 04°12'48" S 69°56'46" E
Fluvial and MarinePuerto Correno (Rio Meta)06°11.34' N67°29.15' W
Fluvial and CoastguardBarrancabermeja (Rio Magdalena)

Other river operational bases

Fluvial and Coastguard Tumaco 01°48'43" N 78°45'59" E
Fluvial and Marine Puerto Berrio 06°29'27" N 74°23'44" E

Minor Ports

San Jose del Guaviare
Fluvial and Marine Puerto Inirida 03°52'07" N 67°55'43" E
Puerto Lopez
El Encanto
Monclart y Puerto Ospina

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