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Intrepido class (Cosmos SX 506 type) midget submarines

These two Cosmos SX 506 type submarines were acquired in 1974 and built by Astilleros Cosmos-Livorno, Italy. These two submarines built by the Cosmos Italian shipyard in Livorno, became the first two silent units acquired by Colombia, marking a major milestone in the naval history of the country. The first submarine of the Navy was christened ARC Intrepido, and arrived in Colombia in a merchant ship on August 7, 1972. Incorporation took place on April 17, 1973, ceremony which was presided over by the then President of the Republic Dr Misael Pastrana Borrero and then of the National Navy commander Admiral Jaime Parra Ramirez. The first Commander was the captain of the vessel Rafael Diaz Rusi and made her first dive on November 6, 1973 to 30 meters in the Bay of Cartagena, date that was chosen to commemorate the day of Navy submarine gun national. On the other hand the indomitable ARC was the second submarine to join the Navy, incorporation took place on July 3, 1974 and first Commander was Lieutenant of Navo Pablo Martnez Ortiz.

The submarines S-21 "ARC Intrepid" and S-22 "ARC Indomitable" are 23 meters long, have a beam of 2.8 meters, and an armament of naval mines MK21 (also including explosive charges aboard Tactics boats Charriots) Propulsion is a CUMMINS generator of 300 horsepower (Published by the system) providing a speed of 7 knots [also implausibly claimed 25 knots] and an autonomy of 950 km.

There are five crew members. The Submairnes have the ability to carry 2 Tactics Charriots boats and underwater explosive charges each (one of these boats was lost in an accident, reducing to 75% the original deployment capability). They are known as the CE2 "ARC Defender" and SG2 "ARC Protection". Floating Dock ARC MY Jaime Arias was also built to serve them.

Leaving a great legacy after sailing for more than 40 years by the waters of Colombian seas, the ARC "intrepido" (S-21) and the ARC "Indomable" (S-22), tactical submarine type SX-506 of the Armada Nacional, were officially removed from active duty on 02 Decembe 2013. The ceremony of deactivation of tactical submarines was held at the Naval Base ARC Bolivar, Cartagena. The second Constitutional Commission of Senate granted the medal order merit to the democracy in the grade of Grand Commander to the units.

Displacement70 tons submerged
Dimensions23 x 2 x 4 meters (75.5 x 6.5 x 13 feet)
PropulsionDiesel-electric, 1 diesel, 1 shaft, 300 shp, 7 knots
Crew5 + 8 divers
Cargo2,050 kg of explosives
Notes UK built for Colombia. Two sisters discarded.


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