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7th Division - Septima Division

As of 2012 the seventh Division of the army had its jurisdiction in North-West of the country, with command in the city of Medellín, Antioquia. It covered an area of 127.903 square kilometers, in the departments of Antioquia, Chocó [the northern part], and Córdoba, , with a coverage of 182 municipalities in the general area. Some sourcess state that coverage also includes Bolívar, Boyacá, Santander and Sucre, but this is not reflected on the map on the Division's website. Much of this territory was once covered by the Second Division. It is composed of the following units operating under: fourth brigade (Medellin - Antioquia), Decima first Brigade (Monteria - Córdoba) tenth fourth brigade (Puerto Berrío - Antioquia), Decima Fifth Brigade (Quibdo - Chocó), tenth seventh brigade (Carepa - Antioquia).

After July 2005 the army had seven divisions assigned to territorial regions. At that time the 7th Division was responsible for Antioquia, Córdoba, Sucre, and Chocó and was based in Medellín. Created in 2005 to cover territory previously under the 1st Division’s jurisdiction, the 7th Division provides more autonomy to operations conducted in the northwest region of the country. This division encompasses the 4th Brigade stationed in Medellín; the 11th Brigade, which covers Carepa, Chigirodó, and Montería; the 14th Brigade in Puerto Berrío; and the 17th Brigade based in Maporita. The 11th Mobile Battalion was also assigned to the 7th Division.

It was established under the the provision no. 0016 of 28 July 2005 and activated a unit operational staff of the national army and approved its table of organization and equipment (TOE).

Announcement of the creation of the large operational unit on Monday July 18 took place in a ceremony whereby it was announced the creation of the seventh Division, was attended by the Lord Minister of Defense Jorge Alberto Uribe Echeverry, General Carlos Alberto Ospina Ovalle Commander General of the FF.MM, General Padilla of León Fredy Chief of joint staff, MG. Castellanos Trujillo Reinaldo Army Commander, MG. Mario Montoya Uribe Commander of the command set Caribbean No. 1, BG. González Peña Oscar Enrique Commander seventh Division, BG. Urueña Molina Commander air force, BG. Ruben Carrillo Metropolitan Police Commander, Dr. Aníbal Gaviria Correa, Governor of Antioquia, Dr. Sergio Fajardo Valderrama Department, Mayor of the municipality of Medellín and entrepreneurs most prominent Antioquia. Activation of the seventh Division Se took place on August 16, 2005 in the field of the cuartel General of the fourth brigade stops and counted with the assistance of Dr. Camilo Ospina Bernal new Minister of national defense, the Lord mg Castellanos Trujillo Reinaldo Commander of the army, commanders of the various military commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Mauricio Soto Gomez forcesCommander of the force air General Edgar Alfonso Lesmez Abad, Metropolitan Police Commander of Medellín, Antioquia police, Dr. Aníbal Gaviria correa Governor of the Department of Antioquia, Dr. Sergio fajardo Valderrama Mayor of the municipality of Medellín and entrepreneurs most prominent Antioquia.

Available for activation by the provision does not. 0016 of 28 July 2005 is created and activated one larger national army operational unit and approved its table of organization and equipment (toe). The Commander of the national army use of their legal powers and in particular that under article 29 of Decree-Law no. 1512 on August 11, 2003. Available article 1. Activate the seventh Division of the national army based in Medellín-Ant. Article 2. The seventh Division will have the acronym DIV-07 article 3 °. Your organization will be subject to the terms of the following table of organization and equipment toe not.(02-07-00-10-05). Article 4. It assigns the following jurisdiction of the seventh Division departments of Antioquia, córdoba, sucre, and Choco. Article 5 th. The Commander of the unit for purposes of command, administration, disciplinary regime and military criminal justice, would depend on the second Commander and Chief of staff of the national army. Inform and stand given in Bogotá d.c. at 28 July 2005.

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