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6th Division - Sexta División

As of 2012 the Sixth Army Division has jurisdiction in the South of the country, with command in the city of Florencia, Caquetá. It covers an area of 188.848 square kilometers, in the departments of Amazonas, Caquetá, Cauca and Putumayo, with a coverage of 41 municipalities in the general area. It is capital, comprising the brigades second Decima, with post command in the city of Florence, Department of Caquetá twentieth Sixth Brigade, with command post in Leticia, Amazonas and the twentieth seventh brigade, headquartered in Mocoa, capital of the Department of Putumayo.

After July 2005 the army had seven divisions assigned to territorial regions. At that time the 6th Division was headquartered in Florencia, Caquetá Department (12th Brigade). Its other brigades are located in Mocoa, Putumayo Department (27th Brigade); Leticia, Amazonas Department (26th Brigade); Santana, Putumayo (13th Mobile Brigade); and the Counternarcotics Brigade in Larandia, Caquetá. This division operates in the departments of Amazonas, Putumayo, and Caquetá, as well as in a few municipalities in Cauca and Vaupés. The 6th Division also includes the 12th Afeur unit and the Plan Meteoro 7th Company, and it has additional brigades serving with the Southern Naval Force in Puerto Leguízamo on the Putumayo and the 6th Airborne Combat Command (6th Cacom) in Tres Esquinas, Caquetá.

As of early 2005 the army had only six divisions assigned to territorial regions. At that time the Sixth Division was headquartered in Florencia, Colombia. Its jurisdiction included the Departments of Amazonas, Putumayo, and Caqueta, and the municipalities of Piamonte en la Bota Caucana and Taraira en el Vaupes. The Sixth Division was comprised of the 12th Brigade, the 26th Brigade, and the 27th Brigade. Its air support came from Combat Air Command-6 (CACOM-6).

The Sixth Division of the national army, was activated through resolution Ministerial No. 1278 of December 24, 2002, assigning as jurisdictional responsibility of Amazonas, Caquetá and Putumayo departments at the same protocol, received recognition from the troops, assuming the command of the largest operational unit, the Lord General Mayor of the Colombian air force, Jorge Ballesteros Rodriguez.

The unit is comprised of the tenth second Brigade (BR-12), with headquarters in Florence - twentieth seventh (BR - 27) headquartered in Mocoa - Putumayo, Caquetá, the twenty-sixth Brigade of jungle (BR - 26) based in Leticia - Amazon, the No.13 Mobile Brigade (BRIM13), with command post at Santana, the Brigade against the drug trafficking (BRCNA) headquartered in Larandia, the Naval Force of the South (F.N.S.) Puerto Leguízamo - Putumayo and the air command of non-combat-based. 6 (CACOM6) based in Tres Esquinas Caquetá.

The Sixth Division is the result of the necessity of structuring an organization in accordance with the requirements of the operations area, cohesive, and highly effective, in order to destroy and neutralize the groups and organizations outside the law that offenders in the southern region of the country, directing this effort primarily towards drug trafficking, within all stages of cultivationprocessing and marketing, cutting off this mortal source of financing of the narco groups, integrating this portion of the national territory to Colombian productive life, moreover, ensuring the exercise of constitutional freedoms of the inhabitants and the defence and conservation of water heritage, flora and fauna of the Amazon basin.

The 6th Division has since command in Florence - Caquetá, strategic Center of gravity from which projected joint operations against organisations narco that beset the region and its inhabitants. In this purpose, supported by joint effort other security agencies of the State, the regional authorities of Government and society as a whole, noting that their military forces, is only way of pacification and re-establishment of the constitutional order of the State, for the development and the best live of its inhabitants.

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