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Zhongchuan Xijiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

China State Xijiang Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. manufactures and distributes ships. The Company produces tankers, chemical carriers, bulk carriers, container ships, cruise ships, and other related ships. China State Xijiang Shipbuilding markets its products throughout China. China Shipbuilding Xijiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was established in 1965. The first factory name: Liuzhou Speedboat Processing and Assembly Factory. The second factory name: State-owned Xijiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Name: China Shipbuilding Xijiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Code: State-owned No. 434 Factory.

In November 1964, the former Sixth Ministry of Machinery Industry decided to build a factory in Guangxi to build a ship, due to the water and land of Liuzhou The transportation is convenient, the industry is relatively developed, and there are external conditions for factory production. After conducting a comprehensive investigation on the geographical environment and production conditions of the middle and lower reaches of Liuzhou and surrounding towns, the location is set at No. 46, Xijiang Road. In July 1965, the first phase of the plant infrastructure project began. The first phase of the project design task book stipulated that the factory is mainly engaged in the production of professional speedboat assembly plants.

In October 1969, the factory began the second phase of infrastructure projects. The second phase of the construction task is to expand the production capacity of the plant. Later, the construction of the expansion project was carried out, which enabled the factory to form a complete ship production line.

From 1967 to 1970, the factory built a total of 10 speedboats.

In 1973, the national infrastructure project of the factory was completed.

From March to September 1972, the factory carried out enterprise rectification. The production teams generally set up the “five major members” of production management, and successively established and implemented 20 management systems including quality, attendance, post responsibility and equipment management.

On May 23, the Guangxi Provincial Defense Science and Technology Office introduced the management of the factory enterprises. On August 5, 1974, the Sixth Machine Department approved the construction project of the factory center laboratory and measurement room.

In September, the Minister of the Sixth Machine Department, Chai Shuzhen, visited the factory. In 1977, General Xu Shiyou came to the factory to inspect.

Between 1973 and 1978, the factory built a total of 37 tugboats.

In July 1980, Chairman of Hong Kong United Electric Materials Co., Ltd., Hexing Bank Manager Lu Wei, Samsung Transportation Company Manager and Huaxing Company Consultant Laosonglai Factory signed a 1100t cargo barring contract. Liao Zhengbin and Zhao Nanfei, the manager of District Zhongji Branch, accompanied.

In August, the 800t warehouse entrance for the Hong Kong businessmen was launched, and the District Defense Industry Office, the District Machinery Company, the Sixth Machine Department, the Liuzhou High Commissioner Wen, and the Vice Mayor Tan attended the launching ceremony. At that time, the ship was the heaviest ship of the factory to date.

In September, three deliveries of 800t barges were built for the Hong Kong Merchants. In November, the 528 coastal reconnaissance boat won the second prize for scientific and technological achievements issued by the State Council.

In April 1981, the factory's 711IIA full-floating hovercraft pilot boat was piloted in Liujiang. Zhou Guangchun and Huang Yun, vice-chairmen of Guangxi District, participated in the trial and watched the sailing performance. In June, the Sixth Machine Department approved the establishment of Guangxi Ship Technology School, which is located in Liuzhou.

In September, Hong Kong Hengfeng Shipping Company Ye Maozhen and the Bolunlai factory accepted the 2000t cargo barge.

In 1983, two 54 passenger ferries were delivered for the Taiyuan Shipyard in Hong Kong.

In January 1984, the factory established a comprehensive quality management system and carried out activities. In March, the factory assisted the 316 type double-wing spreader completed by 701 to win the China Shipbuilding Corporation Science and Technology Achievement Award. In June 1985, after review by Guangxi Technical Supervision Bureau, the factory obtained the “Second-level Eligibility Certificate” for industrial measurement and grading.

In March 1987, Guangzhou Ship and Ocean Engineering Design Institute and Guilin Tourism Vehicle and Ship Company signed a water jet propulsion for Lijiang yacht. 1# Construction contract and confirm the construction of our factory. In April, the factory signed a 200L gold mining ship construction contract with the Linsha Gold Mine Preparation Office in the Southeast Gold Mine.

In August, the factory party committee clearly defined the spirit of “unity, hard work, and practical development”. In March 1988, the factory signed a construction contract with the Guixian Port Service Company for the construction of a 200t half-cabin motorized barge. In December, the factory won the Quality Management Award from the Shipbuilding Corporation.

In February 1989, the Liuzhou Municipal People's Government awarded the title of “Advanced Unit for Socialist Construction” and the title of “Advanced Unit for Total Quality Management”. In September, the factory and the Hengping Fleet of the Hengxian fleet of three 200t mobile barge construction contract.

In August 1990, after examination by the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the factory measurement room obtained the certificate of “three-level national defense measurement institution”. In September, the factory signed a construction contract with Hong Kong and Macau Steamship Company for 5 vessels of 280t freighters.

In December 1991, the factory's 100t inland shallow water vessel won the China Shipbuilding Corporation Quality Product Award.

In 1992, the factory signed a construction contract with the China Shipbuilding Corporation Trading Company for five P29B speedboats.

In August 1994, the Guangxi Bureau of Statistics awarded the factory “Guangxi Economic Benefits Top 100 Enterprises” in October. Czech experts came to the factory to commission long-axis lathes and train operators. In 1995, Liuzhou Electromechanical Bureau awarded the title of “Advanced Enterprise for Export and Foreign Exchange” and “Outstanding Contribution to Merit Enterprise”. In March 1996, the People's Government of Liuzhou City awarded the title of “Advanced Enterprise in Science and Technology Progress during the Eighth Five-Year Plan”.

In 1997, the representative of the Norwegian DNV welder was sent to the factory to conduct the research work. In August, Deben, a representative of the French National Power Company's Laibin Power Plant, came to the factory to discuss business cooperation.

In September 1998, the factory participated in Yunhe Transportation Trading Co., Ltd. in the form of physical, monetary funds and technical inputs. In September, the representative of the New Age Quality Certification Center came to the factory to carry out the ISO quality system certification. The factory obtained the military product GJB/Z9002 and the civilian product GB/T19002 quality system certification for the first time. In October, the factory first identified “Science and Technology Achievements, Traditional Crafts and Technology, Confidentiality Project”.

In March 1999, the factory inspection room was awarded the “Non-destructive Testing Organization Approval Certificate” issued by the Guangzhou Ship Inspection Bureau. In April, the factory was awarded the GJB/Z/9002-96 standard “Military Product Quality System Certification Certificate” issued by the Military Product Quality System Certification Committee. In July, China State Shipbuilding Corporation was reformed into two major group companies, and West Shipyard was affiliated to China National Shipbuilding Corporation. In April, the factory signed a construction contract with 10 companies for the 250t cargo ship with the Yinzhou Xijiang Shipping Transportation Company.

In January 2001, the factory established the Xijiang Shipyard Comprehensive Budget Management Committee. In December, the factory was awarded the “Certificate of Production and Service Quality System for Inland and Coastal Cargo, Tugboat and Tourist Ships” issued by the New Age Quality System Certification Center (according to GB/T19002-1994-IS9002:1994 standard.

May 2003, The factory held the groundbreaking ceremony of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Marine Police Command Ship. In December, the factory was awarded the GB/T1900-2000 standard issued by the New Age Quality System Certification Center for the design, development, production and service quality of inland and coastal cargo ships, tugboats and tourist ships.

In January 2005, the China Export-Import Bank Cambodia Project Evaluation Team came to the factory for inspection. In August, Guangzhou Administration, 427 Factory, 433 Factory and Wenchong Shipyard Yao Hong, Zhang Weike, Zhang Huixin and Huang Yonghong 4 comrades He came to the factory and served as assistant to the factory manager, deputy director of the shipbuilding engineering department, deputy director of the quality department and deputy director of the safety and environmental protection department. In December, the factory signed a Cambodia project contract with the China Shipbuilding Trading Company.

January 12-13, 2006 The State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kingdom of Cambodia (Deputy Minister) and the 6th Navy Commander, accompanied by Li Hongtao, Deputy General Manager of CSSC, visited the factory. In March, Guo Yabin any West River shipyard director. In March, the Cambodian project started.

On January 10, 2008, the company signed a contract with Jiangsu Haotian Company for the construction of 10 Angola 34m tuna boats. On January 15, the company signed three 60-meter-class A-type patrol boat construction contracts with Shanghai, Hainan and Jiangsu Maritime Systems. On January 15, the company signed a contract with the Guangxi Maritime System for the construction of a 30-meter inland patrol boat. On January 28th, “Zhongzhou Xijiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.” was unveiled, and the state-owned Xijiang Shipyard was reformed by the company. The corporate legal person: Chen Miaogen. General Manager of the company: Guo Yabin. In the afternoon, the first meeting of the first board of directors and the board of supervisors was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the company office building. On March 25, the company signed a contract for the construction of a Liujiang 200-seat tourist ship with the Liuzhou Municipal Government.

In August, the company passed the quality certification audit of the environmental/occupational health and safety management system of China Classification Society. On August 25, CSSC appointed Comrade Lin Lin as the general manager of the company. On August 28, the company signed a contract for the construction of two 300-ton fishery vessels with the Guangdong Fishery Corps. On August 29, the company signed a contract for the construction of two 30-meter B-type patrol vessels with the maritime system. On October 15, Shenzhen 600 gross tonnage marine surveillance vessel was started. On October 21, the company completed the upgrading of the launching capacity of the 1000-ton ship product of the launching slide.

In February 2009, the company obtained the certification of environmental protection management system and occupational health and safety management system. In April, the company carried out the evaluation of the safety production performance management system and obtained the “two-star enterprise” for safety production performance evaluation issued by Liuzhou Safety Production Supervision Administration. In April, the company obtained a radiation safety license issued by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Guangxi Autonomous Region using Class II radiation. In November, the company was awarded the title of “2008 Liuzhou 'Ankang Cup' Competition Winning Enterprise” issued by Liuzhou Federation of Trade Unions and Liuzhou Municipal Safety Production Supervision Administration. On December 4th, the company's “additional ship ferry capacity project” was approved by the group company's shipbuilding technology [2009] 800. The total investment of the project is 18.9 million yuan. In December, the company was awarded the title of “Advanced Unit of Urban Greening in Liuzhou City” by Liuzhou Municipal People's Government.

In February 2010, Comrade Chen Yongzhen of the Shipbuilding Engineering Department won the title of the third “Top Ten Outstanding Youths in the Willow Venture” in Liuzhou City. On June 24, the review team of the National Defense Measurement Technology Agency went to the company for on-site audit. On August 17-20, 2 people from the Quality Management Expert Review Team of the New Era Certification Center went to the company to conduct quality system inspection and audit. (The civilian products are changed from the 2001 version to the 2008 version; the military products are certified)

On June 27, 2014 , at the party building work conference of the group company, the company's assembly party branch won the 2013-2014 “advanced grassroots party organization” of the group company.

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