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PLAN Destroyer - Introduction

A Destroyer is a versatile warship, from the 1890s to the 2000s, the Navy an important naval vessels, naval fleet is one of the stronger of the assault force medium-sized warships. Modern destroyers are equipped with air defense, anti-submarine, sea and other weapons. They can serve as offensive assault missions for naval ship formations, as well as air defense and anti-submarine escort missions for combat formations. They can also serve as landing and anti-landing operations. support troops, as patrol, guard, reconnaissance, naval blockade and rescue missions at sea and provide unmanned carrier aircraft 's take-off and landing. The main responsibility of the modern destroyer is escort-centric, with reconnaissance patrol alert, mine-laying, attacking shore targets, etc. The extensive combat functions make the destroyer the most versatile ship in modern naval vessels.

In the 1870s, a torpedo was used as a main weapon in the European powers , mainly for lightning strikes against large enemy ships. This type of torpedo boat is different from the later torpedo speedboat . Compared with ordinary torpedo boats , this type of warship is more common than ordinary torpedo boats. Large, the speed is not fast, so it is more appropriate to translate it into a " lightning ship ".) For this kind of powerful small ship, the British built the "Havok" in 1893, which is designed as a " torpedo destroyer" The warship, designed for a speed of 26 knots, is equipped with a 76mm artillery and three 47mm artillery pieces, capable of capturing enemy torpedo boats without difficulty at sea. At the beginning of the 20th century, as more destroyers entered the national navies, the destroyers began installing heavier artillery and larger caliber torpedo tubes and powered by steam turbines.

After the end of the Great War, destroyers were greatly developed, and the tonnage, firepower, speed and endurance were greatly improved. In particular, the destroyers of the United States and the United Kingdom have developed into fleet destroyers that can accompany the fleet in mobile operations in the distant oceans. In the Second World War, no naval warship was used more widely than a destroyer. The severe depletion during the war caused the destroyers to be built in large numbers. After the end of the Second World War, with the advancement of science and technology, the artillery was no longer dominated by the navy. The era of missiles came, and the combat forms and armed forces of the destroyers have undergone tremendous changes.

In 1954 the first destroyer unit of the people's Navy was born. The Anshan-class consisted of four Gordy-class Soviet destroyers. The four destroyers imported from the Soviet Union were respectively named: "Anshan," "Fushun," "Changchun," and "Taiyuan." At that time, they were the most powerful surface fighting ships of the people's Navy. These obsolete ships were all stricken by the early 1990s.

The Type 051 guided missile destroyer is a product of the former Soviet Union's Kotlin class destroyer. The ship's firepower and endurance cannot meet the needs of the Navy, and the hull design is backward. The poor living comfort is not conducive to maintaining combat power for a long time. It is not equipped with anti-aircraft missiles. For sonar, anti-submarine torpedo and other weapons, anti-submarine can only rely on the two imitation Su RBU multi-barrel rocket anti-submarine deep-bombs with limited endurance, which is not suitable for ocean-going combat, using backward oil-fired boilers plus steam turbine technology as power, although with 38 The extremely high speed of the festival and its weak survivability are the products of the early development of our naval destroyers. The ships of this class have served in our naval fleets since the late 1960s. During the period to meet the needs of modern warfare, many times of transformation and improvement, the 105 ship was designated as a new type of new system, the new test ship on the ship, in the early 21st century, the 051 type ship that has been in service for nearly 30 years has reached the same life. The period is gradually retiring.

Although the 051 type destroyer has many shortcomings and defects, it is the first time that China has not relied on or imported foreign technical equipment. The missile destroyer built independently by the other partys data has been built and improved by the 051 type. Experience in designing and building large and medium-sized ships, recognizing the problems and deficiencies of the ship, and gaining valuable experience and lessons. At the same time, it solved the urgent need of the Navy's urgent need for a large ship, and accumulated technical and experience for the future development and use of new destroyers, and laid a solid foundation.

The 052 multi-purpose guided missile destroyer was a missile destroyer built by Western technology and equipment after the easing of relations with the West in the 1980s. Only 112 and 113 ships were in service in the early 1990s. This class of ship has a strong experimental significance. It has introduced many weapon equipment and technologies from Western countries. For the first time, it has tried to equip and use the air defense missile system and fully computerized automatic command and control system on the destroyer. The first use takes into account the stealth. The fully enclosed hull, for the first time used a gas turbine as the main power of the ship. The design of the hull is simple and clear, and the architectural modeling and manufacturing process has made great progress compared with the 051. It represents that the Chinese navy has completely rid of the shackles of Soviet design and design in the design and construction of the ship.

This class of ships currently has only one No. 167 (Shenzhen), built by CSIC Dalian Shipyard, and served in the South China Sea Fleet in 1998. The overall design of the 051B is very good, absorbing the excellent design of the Type 052 destroyer, the hull and superstructure are simple and clear, the weapon layout is very reasonable, the overall design of the destroyer of the Western countries is very strong, the large hull and the full load of 6000 tons. The water distribution makes the 051B have a strong potential for modification and redesign, laying a solid foundation for the development of the 051C. Compared with the 052 model, the design and construction process of the 051B has reached a higher level, but the fly in the ointment is limited to China. The shipboard phased array radar, the shipborne long-range air defense missile system, and the automatic air defense system are backward. Compared with the displacement of the ship, its air defense capability is very weak, only with short-range air defense capability, in addition to the full gas turbine of the 052. Unlike the power, the 051B still uses the oil-fired boiler and steam turbine as the main power. Although the endurance is very large, the maximum speed and acceleration performance are poor, and compared with the international advanced level.

The Type 956 destroyer purchased from Russia at the end of the 20th century has excellent anti-ship capability, but its air defense capability is unsatisfactory. The overall design has a strong Soviet-style style. The ship uses oil-fired boilers and steam turbines as the main power. Compared with the gas turbine technology that is heavily used by the Western Navy, the acceleration performance is poor, but the high-speed sailing is durable.

At present, in the Chinese Navy, there are four ships of the same class. The 136 and 137 ships are basically the same as the Soviet ones. The 138 and 139 ships have removed a 130mm main gun from the stern and installed an anti-aircraft missile. Launcher. At the beginning of the introduction, the strength of the Chinese Navy was greatly enhanced. Therefore, the media once enthusiastically promoted it as a "carrier killer." Now the Chinese military magazine has admitted that it is unrealistic to expect to use this type of ship to threaten the US aircraft carrier. The Type 052B destroyer (NATO code-named Yang Yang I, English: Luyang I) is also known as the Guangzhou-class destroyer. The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy has a multi-purpose destroyer with fleet-based air defense capabilities. The 052B destroyer was built in two ships, namely the first ship Guangzhou (ship number 168) and the second ship Wuhan (ship number 169). Among them, "Guangzhou" was launched on May 23, 2002 and served on July 15, 2004. The Wuhan was launched in October 2002 and was commissioned at the end of 2004.

The 168 "Guangzhou" was the first ship of the Type 052B destroyer. It was started in Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard in 2000, served in 2004 and visited Europe in 2007. It is an ocean-going destroyer with air defense, anti-submarine and anti-ship capability. Currently, two 052B guided missile destroyers are built, all of which are equipped with the Chinese Navy South Sea Fleet.

The 051C guided missile destroyer (NATO code travels to the state level, also translated to the state) is one of China's latest air defense missile destroyers. Manufactured by Dalian Shipyard, the ship is based on the hull design of the older 051B destroyer, but equipped with a Russian-made S-300F (NATO number SA-N-6) shipboard air defense missile system. The first 115 "Shenyang" of this class was launched in 2004 and completed the system installation in late 2005. At the end of 2006, it joined the North Sea Fleet. The second 116 "Shijiazhuang" was launched in early 2006 and joined the North Sea Fleet at the end of 2008.

The 052C destroyer (NATO coded Luyang II, English: Luyang II), also known as the Lanzhou-class destroyer, is a new generation of air defense destroyers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy. The first ship "Lanzhou" (ship number: 170) The Chinese Navy's first ship equipped with four-sided active phased array radar and a shipborne vertical launch system using air defense missiles was called "Chinese Aegis". In contrast, the US Aegis system uses passive phased array radar. There is also a ship at the same level, the name of the ship "Haikou", the ship number: 171. On December 26, 2008, the destroyer of the Haikou destroyer and the Wuhan destroyer and the Weishanhu integrated supply ship escorted to the Gulf of Aden to protect China and Other relevant international organizations have been passing ships from Somali pirates. At present, a total of six 052C models are in service, and several other ships of the same class are under construction.

The 052D air defense missile destroyer is the "multi-purpose destroyer" after the 052C air defense missile destroyer, and has the reputation of "China Aegis." The ship is equipped with a 64-unit new missile vertical launch system, a 70-caliber 130-mm new single-tube stealth naval gun, a new integrated command and combat system, a new Hongqi-9 anti-missile air defense missile system, a ground-breaking cruise missile, and a new long-range anti-ship missile. And a new type of active phased array radar system. Compared with the 052C air defense missile destroyer, this model will greatly improve the overall design level of the whole ship, the performance of the shipborne phased array radar, the power plant of the battleship, etc., and its full-load drainage will exceed 7,000 tons. Strong operational performance makes it very likely to be an important part of the first Chinese aircraft carrier formation in the future. The first ship was the Kunming missile destroyer . It was held on March 21, 2014 and officially joined the People's Navy battle sequence, with the number 172.

Since its development, the destroyer has evolved from a small, small ship in the past to a multi-purpose medium-sized warship. In addition to the traces left by the name, the destroyer has lost its original short and flexible features, and from the past a thin force, only a few small cannons, protection of small ships almost equal to zero, turned into a multi-purpose Large and medium-sized warships.

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