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Shenyang Beiling Airbase

The city of Shenyang, 195 km away from the China/North Korea border in the Shenyang Military Province, is surrounded by four major airfields. Shenyang Beiling Airbase is located at the northern edge of Shenyang.

Imagery Coverage Report

There is high resolution imagery of Shenyang Beiling Airbase available. DigitalGlobe has an image in its archives from May 23, 2002 and Space Imaging has one in its archives from August 16, 2002.

Shenyang Beiling Airfield
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NGA Tactical Pilotage Chart of Shenyang and surrounding area. (Source: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)

NGA Tactical Pilotage Chart of Shenyang Beiling (Source: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)

Ikonos browse imagery of Shenyang Beiling Airbase and surrounding area (Source: Space Imaging, 08/16/02)

Shenyang Beiling Airbase (Source: Space Imaging, 08/16/02)

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