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QW-18 is a new all-weather man portable shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile system, with excellent anti-interference function of the infrared, to attack the enemy to all low-altitude, low altitude strikes, and speeds of 300 m / s following a variety of flying target. QW-18 biggest feature is the use of a dual-band passive infrared seeker, the target plume and skinning two heat detection, in order to firmly lock the target.

QW-18 system can combine with other air defense weapons to form a complete air defense system, such as the combination of anti-aircraft missile and artillery weapons systems; can also be converted into air to air missiles and small vessels in the configuration on the ship-air missiles and so on.

During a trip by Col. Gadhafis security officials from Tripoli to Beijing in July 2011, they met with officials from three state-controlled weapons manufacturers: China North Industries Corp. (Norinco); the China National Precision Machinery Import & Export Corp. (CPMIC); and China XinXing Import & Export Corp. The Chinese companies offered the entire contents of their stockpiles for sale, and promised to manufacture more supplies if necessary.

The Chinese apparently offered Col. Gadhafis men the QW-18, a surface-to-air missile small enough for a soldier to carry on his shoulder roughly similar to a US Stinger, capable of bringing down some military aircraft. The United States estimates there were as many as 20,000 surface-to-air missiles in Libya when NATO began its operations to aid rebels in ousting Gadhafi.


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