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J-28 sixth-generation fighter

China's sixth-generation fighter refers to the sixth-generation fighter being developed by China, with the model of J-28. The United States is developing a sixth-generation jet fighter. Chinas sixth-generation jet fighter has been rumored for many years but has not been officially confirmed. The tradition of Chinas weapon development is to equip one generation, develop one generation, and design one generation. Chinas fourth-generation jet fighters such as J-10 and J-11 have been put into use, including the J-20 and J-31. The fifth-generation fighter has been developed, and some experts believe that China's sixth-generation fighter may be an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Russian media reported in 2017 that China was studying the development of its sixth-generation fighter fighter-28. China Aviation Research Institute 611 was conducting Fighter-28 research. The aircraft will be the sixth generation of multi-functional stealth fighter. It is said that the J-28 can carry out accurate conventional strikes against the nuclear threat. Chinas sixth-generation jet fighter has been confirmed to be developed more advanced than the J-20 aircraft is. The "Fire Dragon" multi-role fighter is another sixth-generation multi-role fighter that China is developing, code-named "Fire Dragon".

China's sixth-generation stealth fighter can also achieve high-altitude, high-speed full-frequency stealth. Another major feature of China's sixth-generation "Fire Dragon" multi-role fighter is the more advanced aerodynamic structure, new control system, and greatly improved airborne radar capabilities that can strike ground targets. The aircraft also has super maneuverability, such as "Pugachev Cobra Maneuver", which can greatly expand the ability to use airborne weapons, destroy the attack of enemy fighters, and withdraw from its weapon killing zone. The reason why China has achieved such great achievements in the development of the aircraft is reported that dozens of top Russian scientists have been lost from Russia to China.

Entering the 21st century, the fifth generation fighters began to form combat power. There are five fifth-generation fighters in the world today, namely: China's "J-20" and "J-31" (J-31), the US F-22 "Raptor" and F-35 "Lightning II" "No.", the Russian T-50 fighter. J-20, F-22, F-35 and other fighters have been officially put into use. According to the habit of "equip generation, development, and research", both China and Russia are ready for the sixth generation of fighters. In fact, in addition to the fifth-generation fighters in these countries, there are many military who want to skip the fifth-generation aircraft and directly overtake the corners from the sixth-generation fighters.

All of these claims from Chinse media are pretty much "Gee-whiz" boilerplate that is long on excitement and short on official substantiation. But the second half of the story is evidently complete fantasy.

J-28 Fantasy Fighter J-28 Fantasy Fighter J-28 Fantasy Fighter

The widely repeated story goes that the United States has conducted enough investigations to understand Mars, and it is expected that the United States will establish a lunar nuclear missile base. The situation on Mars has been basically verified by the United States, and it is expected to establish a Mars nuclear missile base around 2018, which makes the interception of nuclear weapons more difficult.

In order to respond to the nuclear threat from the solar system, China has begun to develop the sixth-generation multi-functional stealth fighter J-28. It is reported that the Chinese military plans to arrange nuclear weapons in Jupiters atmosphere, and build aircraft carriers carrying nuclear weapons in Saturns rings, with nuclear strike capability against all planets in the solar system.

The laser weapon carried by the J-28 is very powerful and can melt nuclear missiles launched from any planet or satellite in the solar system. The speed of the J-28 is so high that even if it does not intercept the missile for the first time, it can pursue the missile. In addition, it is a good stealth fighter, it cannot be detected by radar or radio telescope.

This time it wasn't ordinary netizens or scholars, but it was actually the editor of People's Daily's overseas network (published on September 24, 2013). The act of posting this kind of news to a serious news website is simply incredible. The editor estimated that it turned out to be military "news" and did not read the content of the article at all. The NetEase editor found that the screenshots of the People's Network jokes were reprinted and placed on a prominent place on the homepage for everyone to laugh at. There is no morality in the domestic news media now, but now it comes from the media, without considering the authenticity of the matter. Under big data, the major platforms collect data from each other and get news reports in minutes. As for the authenticity of the collected news, which still needs to be taken care of, who still maintains a group of news reporters?

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