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HSU001 unmanned submarine

WR312 unmanned submarineNumerous new military equipment were unveiled to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Some people have also discovered a distinctive torpedo-shaped equipment, which is supposed to be an underwater drone or a self-controlled submarine. The "WR312" designation applied to this possible unmanned submarine is otherwise un-attested, and way simply be the number of the carrier truck. The system is apparently designated "HSU001" though the expansion is unkown.

HSU001 AUV - 01 Oct 2019 HSU001 AUV - 01 Oct 2019 HSU001 AUV - 01 Oct 2019 HSU001 AUV - 01 Oct 2019 HSU001 AUV - 01 Oct 2019

An unmanned submarine is a military weapon that is actually a robot that works in the sea. As a kind of underwater cutting-edge weapon, it is increasingly favored by all countries in the world. Its development is very rapid, especially the breakthrough and application of key technologies such as intelligence, which will greatly change the future sea battlefield. The main types are: remote submarine-type unmanned submarines; semi-floating and semi-submersible unmanned submarines; intelligent unmanned submarines.

The three basic missions of this new type of unmanned submarine are: 1 collecting intelligence, conducting surface search and reconnaissance; 2 reconnaissance of mines, collecting marine tactical data; 3 conducting anti-submarine warfare in coastal shallow waters. During the mission, in addition to searching for torpedoes, detection and processing functions, it will also serve as a network-based operational network node. This kind of communication intersection with high sensor function is important for the entire fleet to enhance its maritime combat capability.

In the future, unmanned submarines have the following characteristics: they can be freely applied and recycled on platforms such as diving mother boats or water warships; in shallow seas with high risk and environmental conditions, long-term and autonomous work can be carried out in secret; In order to carry out anti-submarine warfare, search for targets and collect marine tactical data, as well as reconnaissance of torpedoes, it has the ability to carry the required sensors; it has the ability to effectively communicate with the battle group; as a weapon for confrontation.

Unmanned submarines conform to the modern warfare concept, and unmanned submarines are more likely to detect intelligence. Unmanned submarines are increasingly valued by major military powers. Modern warfare is paying more and more attention to the concepts of high precision, small loss and big technology. The development of unmanned submarines is in line with this concept, and also reflects the main military power from one side. The importance of the ocean. Since the end of the Cold War, with the transformation of military development strategies, submarines have changed from secret detectors and trackers to underwater weapons and coordinated combat devices. The main military powers in the "under sea level" battles are more intense than before the Cold War, and the possibility of underwater conflicts is increasing. With the development of science and technology, marine resources have become the focus of national pursuit. The development of maritime forces, including submarines, has also boosted the R&D boom of unmanned submarines. In addition, in addition to military use, unmanned submarines also have potential for exploration in terms of prospecting and removal of obstacles.

According to the Russian "Viewpoint" report, the representative of the Russian United Shipbuilding Group announced that the famous "Malachite" and "Lubin" submarine design bureaus in Russia have begun to develop underwater robots for the fifth generation of submarines. The fifth generation of submarines will carry this underwater robot to perform tasks. When performing a mission, it will leave the submarine to monitor the surrounding environment and gather information. The underwater robot can also carry torpedoes to attack.

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