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Hailong ROV / Sea Dragon ROV

In 2012, the Sea Dragon ROV was applied to the comprehensive investigation of polymetallic sulphide resources and biological environment in the 2nd and 3rd voyages of the Ocean 26 voyage. The important role of ROV in fixed-point observation and sampling in the deep ocean is once again reflected in these successful applications, making the Sea Dragon ROV an indispensable cutting-edge weapon in the ocean science test.

In June 2012, the second segment of the Ocean 26 voyage was investigated using the Sea Dragon ROV in the North Atlantic Lost City and Broken Spur waters. The resource grade comparison study in the Russian-affected survey area was successfully realized, and multiple carbons were successfully observed. The acid acid chimney obtained the coral samples on the chimney and successfully grabbed 28 kilograms of stone.

In August 2012, the third segment of the Ocean 26 voyage, through the fixed-point operation in the South Atlantic, observed a large smoked live black chimney, as well as a large number of biota such as shrimp, crab, fish and shells, observed fish eating The wonderful process of shrimp. At the same time as the fine observation, 14 kg of hot liquid sulfide black chimney samples were taken.

Compared with the ROV application in previous years, the successful application of the ROV of the Ocean 16 voyages in 2012 undoubtedly typical application value, ROV operation team operates ROV for the first time without foreign aid, and the operation level is more mature. The ROV equipment has the daily maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities and level of ROV equipment, all of which are ROV Ocean Science application. Provides effective protection.

Applying ROV for fixed-point survey and observation, the success rate is high and the application effect is obvious. At the same time, the demand for ROV applications in the Ocean Science Survey has begun to shift from traditional, simple and sophisticated survey observations to complex, diverse and sophisticated survey sampling. After the practical transformation, the Hailong ROV system is safer and more suitable for the development and use of supporting tools, which effectively improves the ROV's working ability.

The Hailong ROV system is the only large-scale deep-sea ROV system developed and successfully applied in China. The application development model has no ready-made application model in China. Therefore, any breakthrough in system application is undoubtedly groundbreaking.

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