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Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Fuzhou Changle International Airport is located about 40 km from Fuzhou. Designed to handle 6.5 million Passengers per annum, the airport also handles the growing demand for cargo capacity among high-technology manufacturers in Fuzhou from its single 11,811 foot long runway.

Fuzhou, the headquarters of the Fujian Military District, is a coastal city with a population of 1.66 million which lies on the north bank of the Minjiang river. Fuzhou is a commercial city, and the name "Fuzhou" means "wealthy town." As the provincial capital is a political, economical, cultural and communications hub, and is one of the most successful ports on the coast of China. During the 1990s over hundred thousand Fujianese entered the United States illegally and settled in New York City, transforming Chinatown into Fuzhou Town.

Fouzhou Changle International Airport
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NGA Tactical Pilotage Chart of Fuzhou Changle International Airport and surrounding area. (Source: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)

NGA VMAP of Fuzhou Changle Int'l and surrounding area. In the image, Fuzhou Changle is the airfield represented to the upper right. (Source: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)

Ikonos browse imagery of Fuzhou Changle International Airport and surrounding area (Source: Space Imaging, Apr. 14, 2001)

Fuzhou Changle International Airport (Source: Space Imaging, Apr. 14, 2001)

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