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Type 640 Fubai AOT

A ship believed to be a Fubai AOT oil tanker was detected by the CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at Mischief Reef, May 6, 2018. Apart from combatant and law enforcement vessels, AMTI said an array of support ships, including tankers, tugboats, and replenishment vessels, as well as an oceanographic surveillance ship have been seen. The Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled in 2016 that Mischief Reef is part of the Philippine continental shelf.

Fubai is a two-character word for corruption. It is a cornucopia of meaning, having within it the character for government, for meat, and also of a hand breaking a ding, or ancient ceremonial pot, with a stick. Its tempting to see the two characters as a visual representation of graft among government officials. Yet as with many characters, this interpretation is probably too simplistic. Fubai owes at least as much to pure phonetics, with the top of the fu character giving the character its pronunciation. Still, the presence of government, a destructive hand and money makes it hard to shake off the idea of the ideogram as a moral indictment (for thousands of years, it has been normal to buy public office in China.)

Corruption, particularly in the public official based definition which is dominant in reform China, involves the violation of administrative ethics and responsibilities for private gain. Corruption has long been a key factor in analyzing and understanding modernization in Communist and Third World countries. Corruption has the potential to undermine a regime's legitimacy and power as well as a nation's economy.

In Mandarin, the word "fu bi" means corruption, to corrupt, to rot, or rotten. Guanxi, as a kind of personal relationship, existed in every country and every kind of society. Chinese people, however, probably rely on this mostly. The social system of trust is not that mature and well established compared with western countries. But it is improving. E-commerce is a good example. Once the credit is created and recorded, it works much more efficient than Guanxi. Fubai is an illegal behavior, corruption. For the first reason, Guanxi will not lead to Fubai, it just makes the social activities really special and inefficient. People need to spend a lot of time and efforts to establish their own relationships, most cases, a connection network. Guanxi has a strong correlation with corruption. But it is not simply the way that Guanxi results in Fubai. Fubao, depending upon the pronunciation can also mean either "caress"(not at all common) or "karma", neither of which has the same meaning and they are not as common.

Dong You 6402003
Nan You 9682003
Nan You 9712003
Nan You 9722003

displacement 3500t
GT 2200 [estimated]
NT 1225 [estimated]
length 104.0m 328 feet
Breadth 13m [estimated]
Depth 6m [estimated]
Hull construction Single Hull / Double Bottom [estimated]
Cargoes gas oil, diesel oil, naphtha, kerosene, etc. [estimated]
Cargo Capacity 4400m3 [estimated]
Hold Number 11 [estimated]
Cargo Pumps 350 CBM/H [estimated]
engine 1 diesel
Propeller FPP [estimated]
speed 15kts
sensors 2x radars

Type 640 Fubai AOT Type 640 Fubai AOT

Type 640 Fubai AOT

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