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3600-ton Foreign Trade High Performance Frigate

At the 2013 Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition, CSIC launched a number of new ship models, especially a model labeled High Performance Frigate, which was particularly eye-catching. This frigate can be said to subvert the impression of the national ship's exterior style. Although it is based on the 054A model, both the bridge and the rear mast combine the most avant-garde features of the international market, and the value exceeds any previous exit. In designing the ship, in addition to the slight regret of the position and grade of the near-anti-gun, the overall configuration is indeed worthy of the word "high performance". However, the design did not receive a substantial user order, just staying in the design, and after several exhibitions in 2013 and 2014, there is no trace.

In the 1990s. China's foreign military trade gradually became active. The of 1600-ton frigate can be regarded as the most avant-garde design in the late 1990s, and even had the appearance characteristics of the most advanced frigates. Unfortunately, the radar and weapon systems are not. The most advanced Chinese design in the same period is the 053H3 frigate, which is far from the western standards.

No foreign users will pay for "high-end concept designs". It is a traditional Chinese military industry idea to use the unsuccessful design but not suitable for the PLA's combat system as a foreign trade product.

The 14th Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition was held in February 2019 in the United Arab Emirates. As an emerging force in the international military trade market, Chinese military workers demonstrated a variety of advanced weapons at the defense exhibition. At the defense exhibition, Chinese military workers demonstrated models or concepts of 4,000-ton frigates, 3,000-ton frigates, 1,500-ton frigates, and many ships or weapons. The models displayed this time were not purely a foreign trade product. For example, the 4,000-ton frigate is actually the export version of the 054A frigate of Chinese military equipment, and the 1,500-ton frigate corresponded to the Chinese navy's 056 series light frigate.

3600-ton Export Frigate 3600-ton Export Frigate 3600-ton Export Frigate

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