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Chinese ElectroMagnetic Railgun [EMRG]

The Global Times reported that the Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology, part of aerospace giant CASC, has delivered advanced Direct Current (DC) electric motors for use in an 'electromagnetic weapons system.' The DC motors are designed to operate in environments with heavy shock and recoil, and intense magnetic fields. This suggests the weapons system is a railgun, which uses electromagnetic force to shoot shells at speeds above Mach 6. Once operational, Chinese railguns could be used for anti-ship, long-range artillery bombardment and air/missile defense missions.

China could test electromagnetic railgun in open waters, reports Business Insider, citing Task & Purpose. Photographs of the Type 072-III Project Haiyanshan amphibious assault ship appeared on the Web with a presumably experimental electromagnetic tool installed on its nose. It is noted that this is the same ship, which was seen moored at one of the Chinese shipyards, in early 2018.

With reference to the data of American intelligence, Western media in June 2018 reported that China is going in 2025 to begin operation on its ships of electromagnetic weapons capable of hitting the enemy at a distance of up to 124 miles (200 km). At the same time, it was noted that such an active pace of development of Chinese engineers "should significantly spur the Pentagon to develop its own version of super-weapon." Based on the latest photos, the pace of development of the program for the development of electromagnetic weapons in China are much faster than the expected dates.

According to CNBC, information about the Chinese railgun appeared in 2011, and three years later the installation was tested for the first time on the ground. The report also says that the Chinese military completed the installation of an electromagnetic gun on one of their ships by the end of 2018, then began its sea tests.

Unlike conventional ship guns, in which shells are accelerated with flammable powder, the railgun uses electromagnetic energy, with which the projectile is accelerated at a very high speed (about 2.6 kilometers per second). One of the main disadvantages of this technology is that the shot of a railgun requires a huge amount of energy. Could China solve this problem? It is still difficult to judge, since information about such projects is usually very rarely made publicly available.

Chinese warships will "soon" be equipped with world-leading electromagnetic railguns, as breakthroughs have been made by the naval engineering team led by academician Ma Weiming in multiple related sectors, national television reported on 02 January 2018. Ma, an academician at the Naval University of Engineering in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, and his team have gained innovative results in electromagnetic launching technology with fully independent intellectual property, cctv.com reported.

The report came at a time when a Chinese landing ship, allegedly equipped with an experimental electromagnetic railgun, was caught on camera at an undisclosed location carrying out a trial run. However, the authenticity of the photo could not be verified. In February 2018, the same landing ship with the electromagnetic railgun was photographed in harbor, Beijing-based newspaper Science and Technology Daily reported.

Li Jie, a Beijing-based naval expert, told the Global Times on Thursday that China's electromagnetic railgun development has reached a mature stage after a series of tests. If the recent trial run is true, it could be among the final tests before the weapon's delivery to the People's Liberation Army Navy, Li said.

An electromagnetic railgun can fire projectiles via electromagnetic force at incredibly destructive velocity. It can reach farther ranges when compared with standard artillery and maintain high accuracy, military experts said.

The US is also experimenting with the new weapon, but China will be the first country to actually equip it on a warship, according to the cctv.com report. China's naval electromagnetic weapon and equipment have surpassed other countries and become a world leader, the report said. Chinese military experts expect the Type 055, China's domestically made 10,000-ton class guided missile destroyer, to use the electromagnetic railgun. Li said that the weapon could also be deployed on China's future aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships.

As for the United States, the US Navy has not yet been able to install the railgun on a warship. A good sign is that an additional $ 40 million from the budget for 2019 was allocated for the development of this type of weapon.

Chinese ElectroMagnetic Railgun [EMRG] Chinese ElectroMagnetic Railgun [EMRG] Chinese ElectroMagnetic Railgun [EMRG] Chinese ElectroMagnetic Railgun [EMRG] Chinese ElectroMagnetic Railgun [EMRG]

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