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D3000 USV

At the 2017 China Ocean Science and Technology Exhibition held in Qingdao in September 2017, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) No. 13 Institute exhibited a new type of foreign trade unmanned boat, which is called the same level of equipment in terms of firepower. The "Battleship" has changed the stereotype of light-armed and small-sized sailboats in the past, attracting attention from all sides.

The D3000 is a 98-foot-long, stealthy robotic trimaran warship designed to operate autonomously for months. Notably, this systemwhich appears to be tagged for exportis being offered by the China Aerospace and Science Technology Corporation, a Chinese defense contractor whose primary strength is in missiles and other aerospace technologies.

D3000 unmanned boat is equipped with 4 7-tube 30mm rapid-fire guns, 2 sets according to the raft deck, and 2 sets of rafts above and below the landing deck. The large-scale armed unmanned boat, known as the D3000, is about 28.5 meters long. It is a three-hulled ship with good airworthiness and good seakeeping. The hull and superstructure have obvious introverted features, which can reduce the radar launch area to some extent. According to the propaganda materials of the thirteenth, the D3000 can operate independently or as part of a mixed fleet and operate in conjunction with manned ships for up to several months.

PW Singer, a special correspondent of the science and technology media "Popular Science", expressed strong interest in the D3000. According to his estimation, the displacement of the boat is about 100~150 tons. What is inconsistent with the tonnage is the firepower configuration of its "armed to the teeth": the most conspicuous is the four 7-tube 30mm rapid-fire guns. For comparison, the same-type near-anti-guns only install 1~2 seats on the main naval ships of our country. . Four high-speed guns are arranged in tandem on the deck, and the top drones are arranged in parallel on the landing deck. In addition, there are two four-mounted anti-ship missile launchers in the middle of the hull. Six shell-like torpedo tubes are installed in the shell above each side of the waterline. According to Singer, these launch tubes can be used for mines and small unmanned submersibles in addition to torpedoes.

According to Singer, the D3000 applies the current mainstream unmanned-ship concept based on the launch tube and the UAV's take-off and landing deck on the side of the hull. It is expanded by spreading small drones and small unmanned submersibles. The scope of reconnaissance and the ability to enhance situational awareness are particularly suitable for searching enemy submarines and large and medium-sized surface ships, and providing positioning information and communication relays to their own strike platforms.

The US media pointed out that the emergence of the D3000 is the latest example of China's rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and shipbuilding industry capabilities in recent years. Singer said that in terms of size and tonnage, the D3000 is closer to the "Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Tracking Unmanned Boat" (ACTUV) developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The latter is code-named "Sea Hunter" and is about 40 long. Meter, the displacement is 145 tons. However, due to its unarmed and anti-submarine missions, the ACTUV has a speed of only 27 knots (about 50 km/h). In contrast, the D3000, which is responsible for the assault mission and has a more advanced hull design, is faster. At the same time, there are reasons to believe that China's shipbuilding industry companies are also designing their own large-scale anti-submarine unmanned boats.

D3000 USV D3000 USV

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