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CH-10 Rainbow-10 Drone Testbed

Under the cover of the "Rainbow-7" giant wing, the "Rainbow-10" unmanned tilting rotorcraft exhibited on the same platform is more "small and exquisite". The "Rainbow-10" unmanned tilting rotorcraft debuted on the scene. Shi Wen said that the "Rainbow-10" is a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle with integrated helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft technology. It takes off and land vertically in helicopter mode and cruises fast in fixed-wing aircraft mode. Its biggest feature is that it can take off and land vertically without a runway. It is suitable for environments such as land, islands and complex mountains. If it is needed in the future, it may also develop into a model used on ships. It can take off and land on marine survey vessels and marine police vessels, and can be used by both military and civilian.

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