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China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC)

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) was established on March 1, 2002. CETC and China Electronics Corporation [CEC] combined account for nearly 100% of the former Ministry of Electronics Industry, with CEC specializing in manufacturing and CETC focused on R&D. CETC was established by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) to develop both civil and military electronics. It is the main manufacturer and research company of electronic devices in China.

It is a large state-owned enterprise group approved by the state. The group company is formed on the basis of 46 electronic research institutes directly under the Ministry of Information Industry and 26 wholly-owned or holding high-tech enterprises. The subsidiaries of the group company are located in 18 provinces and municipalities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Sichuan and Shaanxi. The registered capital of the group company is 6.35 billion yuan, with total assets of 65.8 billion yuan. In 2001, the total income was 9.7 billion yuan and the export volume reached 55.63 million US dollars. The company has 54,000 employees and 33,000 professional and technical personnel , including 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 63 national-level technical and management experts, 1,357 experts enjoying government subsidies, and 6,326 senior professional technicians.

CETC Second InstituteTaiyuan Electronic Special Equipment Research Institute
CETC Third InstituteBeijing TV Sound and Electricity Research Institute
CETC Seventh Research Institute
CETC Eighth Research InstituteHuainan Fiber Institute
CETC Ninth Institute
CETC Tenth Institute
CETC Twelfth Institute
CETC 13th Research InstituteShijiazhuang Semiconductor Research Institute
CETC 14th Research InstituteNanjing Electronics Research Institute
CETC 15th Research InstituteNorth China Institute of Computing Technology
CETC 16th Research Institute
CETC 18th Research Institute
CETC 20th Research Institute
CETC 21st Research Institute
CETC 22nd Research Institute China Radio Wave Propagation Institute
CETC 23rd Research Institute Shanghai Transmission Line Research Institute
CETC 24th Research Institute
CETC 26th Research Institute Chongqing Acoustics and Light Technology Research Institute
CETC 28th Institute
CETC 29th Research Institute
CETC 30th Research Institute
CETC 32nd Research Institute
CETC 33rd Research InstituteTaiyuan Magnetic Materials equipment Institute
CETC 34th Research Institute Zi Technology Group Co., Ltd.
CETC 36th Research Institute Guilin Laser Communication Research Institute
CETC 38th Research Institute
CETC 39th InstitutePrecision Antenna System Specialization Institute
CETC 40th Research Institute
CETC 41st Research InstituteEast China Electronic Measuring Instruments Research Institute,
CETC 43rd Research Institute
CETC 44th InstituteChongqing Optoelectronic Technology Research Institute
CETC Forty-five Research Institute
CETC Forty-sixth Instituteformer Ministry of Information Industry, Electronics 46,
CETC Forty-seventh Institute
CETC Forty-eighth Research Institute
CETC Forty-ninth InstituteHarbin Sensor Research Institute
CETC 50 Research InstituteShanghai Electronic Communication Research Institute
CETC 51 Research Institute
CETC 52nd Research Institute
CETC 54th Research Institute
CETC 55th Research Institute
CETC 58th Research InstituteWuxi Microelectronics Research Center

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