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China Electronic Corporation

China Electronic Corporation (also called “China Electronics” in short) was established in May 1989. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) was established on March 1, 2002. CETC and China Electronics Corporation [CEC] combined account for nearly 100% of the former Ministry of Electronics Industry, with CEC specializing in manufacturing and CETC focused on R&D.

In 1995, it was further authorized by the former Ministry of Electronics Industry to operate and manage the state-owned assets of all enterprises under the Ministry. In 2000, it became a key state-owned enterprise directly managed by the central government. In August 2005, the company reorganized and integrated China Great Wall Computer Group. In 2007, it reorganized and integrated 7 electronics companies in Nanjing, including Panda Electronics Group. In 2009, the company acquired TPV Technology Co., Ltd. And Solomon Systech Limited. In 2010, CEC reorganized and integrated China Zhenhua Electronics Group Corporation. In 2012, it reorganized and integrated China Jinjiang Info Industrial Co., Ltd. At the end of 2012, with the approval of the State Council, Caihong Group Co., Ltd., was entirely integrated into CEC. In 2014, Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd. was privatized and delisted in the Hong Kong stock market. At present, CEC has 20 wholly-owned and controlled secondary enterprises, 14 listed companies and 150,000 employees.

CEC is committed to building a national team for network security and information technology industry, with network security as its core business and key competence. Its main business covers network security, new display, integrated circuits, high-tech electronics, information services and other electronic information industry fields featuring national strategy, foundation and guidance.

In 2017, CEC achieved a business revenue of 216.21 billion yuan and a total profit of 4.25 billion yuan. Up until the end of 2017, its total electronic assets reached 263.08 billion yuan, and the net profit of the parent company rose to 1.13 billion yuan. CEC is China's largest state-owned comprehensive electronic information enterprise group, ranking among the world's top 500 companies for eight consecutive years.

CEC takes a leading role in China for providing independent controllable software and hardware products and information security service. It has a controllable software industry chain from operating system, middleware, database, security products to application systems, and formed an information security service system including security consultancy, system integration and security maintenance throughout the whole operation cycle. CEC is a world-leading integrated R&D manufacturer and supplier of LCD products. Its LCD display manufacturing service ranks first in the world and its LCD TV manufacturing takes a leading role globally.

CEC is a leading solution provider in China for integrated circuit R&D, design and manufacturing. It has a whole industry chain of integrated circuit that covers design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, EDA tools and process R&D.

CEC is a first-class domestic trade and service provider of electronic information products, a builder and operator of high-tech and innovative industrial parks. It is also a constructor for overseas electronic information engineering and service and a financial innovation platform for the electronic information industry.

As the first batch of “innovative enterprises” in China, CEC has established a complete scientific and technological innovation system and three-level R&D institutions covering national-level research institutions, group professional technology research institutes and enterprise technology centers. At present, CEC has 9 nationally recognized enterprise technology centers, 11 national engineering research centers (engineering laboratories and engineering technology research centers), 6 national innovation demonstration enterprises, 1 national industrial design center, 12 postdoctoral workstations and 70 provincial and ministerial level technology centers.

Asset-seeking FDI is driven by desire to access technology and other strategic assets such as brand names and distribution networks in foreign countries and is typically seen in developed countries. Such motivation has been well demonstrated by recent widely publicized Chinese acquisitions and bids for recognizable corporations in the United States and European countries, such as Lenovo's takeover of IBM and China Electronic Corporation’s acquisition of Netherlands-based Philips Electronics’ mobile handset division.

On August 20th, the Chinese electronic party group held a party group meeting to find the gap with the party rules. Xiao Xiaowu, secretary of the China Electronic Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors, presided over the meeting and took the lead in conducting inspection analysis. In contrast to the relevant provisions of the Party Constitution, the "Guidelines" and the "Regulations" and the "18 Nos", a serious self-examination was carried out to find gaps and deficiencies, and the purpose of deepening understanding, identifying gaps, examining problems, and improving together was achieved.

Yan Xiaowu took the lead in talking about his experience and understanding after studying the Party Constitution, and in accordance with the Party Constitution, from implementing the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategy, six basic conditions of party members and cadres, strictly selecting the political standards for selecting and employing people, and insisting on the people as The Center and other aspects have examined the situation; compared with the "Guidelines", the problems have been investigated from the implementation of the "two maintenance", the anti-"four winds", and the principle of democratic centralism; the "Regulations" have been used as a model for self-discipline and self-discipline.

Self-criticism is going to be straight to the point, going straight to the subject, seeing people, seeing things and seeing ideas. Mutual criticism should be a real problem and the effect of red-faced sweating, detoxification and treatment, so that the special democratic life will achieve tangible results.

Wholly-owned and controlled secondary enterprises

  • 6th Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd.
  • Chengdu Zhongdian Jinjiang Information Industry Co., Ltd.
  • China CLP International Information Service Co., Ltd.
  • China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd.
  • China Electronic Finance Co., Ltd.
  • China Electronics Import and Export Co.
  • China Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd.
  • China Information Security Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  • China Power Industry Internet Co., Ltd.
  • China Ruida Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.
  • China Software and Technology Services Co., Ltd.
  • China Zhenhua Electronics Group Co., Ltd.
  • CLP Gold Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • CLP Great Wall Internet System Application Co., Ltd.
  • CLP Huirong Commercial Factoring (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  • Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
  • Huadian Company Limited
  • Nanjing Zhongdian Panda Information Industry Group Co., Ltd.
  • Rainbow Group Co., Ltd.Shanghai Pudong Software Park Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Great Wall Development Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Zhongdian Smart Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Listed company

  • China Electronics Huada Technology Co., Ltd. (HK0085)
  • China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd. (000066)
  • China Software and Technology Services Co., Ltd. (600536)
  • China Zhenhua (Group) Technology Co., Ltd. (000733)
  • Nanjing Huadong Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. (000727)
  • Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd. (600775)
  • Rainbow Display Devices Co., Ltd. (600707)
  • Rainbow Group New Energy Co., Ltd. (HK0438)
  • Shanghai Belling Co., Ltd. (600171)
  • Shenzhen Sangda Industrial Co., Ltd. (000032)
  • Shenzhen Great Wall Development Technology Co., Ltd. (000021)
  • Solomon Systech (International) Limited (HK2878)
  • TPV Technology Co., Ltd. (HK0903)
  • Zhongdian Optics Valley United Holdings Limited (HK0798)

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