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Chengdu Aerospace Industry

Chengdu has substantially established a comparatively optimal aviation industry system presently, forming a perfect industry chain from research, development, manufacturing to maintenance. Besides optimal aircraft general design & research institute and aircraft assembly manufacturers, there are many supporting specialties such as aircraft engine, instruments and electronics, gas turbine, engine and airborne equipment maintenance. Chengdu's aviation and aerospace industry ranks first in research & development ability, integral aircraft and airborne equipment research, development and design level.

Aviation and aerospace industry is an advantageous industry as well as a strategic leading industry of Chengdu, and Chengdu has scientific research basis for developing aviation and aerospace industry, manufacturing advantages, technology innovation and market radiation capacities. In Chengdu there are more than 33 enterprises above the designated size and research institutes specialized in aviation and aerospace industry, and relevant transportation & maintenance. Major enterprises have the assets of more than 31 billion Yuan, 50000-odd employees, and 20000-odd high and medium-level professional and technical personnel.

In respect of aviation, an optimal aircraft design & manufacturing system has been formed, which is led by Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Aircraft Design & Research Institute and coordinated by such units as Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., Chengdu Aviation Instruments Corporation, Chengdu Jinjiang Machinery Factory, Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.10 Research Institute, No. 29 Research Institute, Haite Group, Chengdu Hot Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., Snecma, China Southwestern Airlines Maintenance Base. Chengdu has developed into an important base specialized in design, research and production in mass of fighter planes, and important civil aircraft transportation and maintenance, as well as into an important aviation industry scientific research & production base.

In Feb. 2008, Chengdu, Harbin, Anshun and Shenyang were officially approved by the state to establish a civil aviation industry national hi-tech industry base. Chengdu presently ranks the second in general scale of aviation industry throughout the country and has possessed such sound and leading aviation manufacturing enterprises as Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd. in addition to a mass of aviation supporting enterprises with power technical force; Chengdu has a long cooperation relationship at home with Boeing and Airbus and is the biggest cooperative production base in quantity and has the airports meeting the requirements of experimental flight of Boeing 737 series in addition to several airports for experimental flight of large aircrafts.

In respect of aerospace, major units comprise Sichuan Academy of Aerospace Technology and Chengdu Aerospace Communication Device Company Limited that undertake research and manufacturing tasks of various strategic and tactical weapons and such aviation products as carrier rocket, and make contributions to conspicuous China's manned space program.

Chengdu's aviation and aerospace industry keeps on rising yearly. Its industrial output value in 2007 reached 13 billion Yuan, an increase of 17.9% over 2006, and its industrial added value reached 2.8 billion Yuan, with its share of 2.38% in the total of the whole city.

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