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Changsha Aviation Industrial Park [CAIP]

The State Council's Decision on Acceleration and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries, unveiled in October 2010, takes cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries to a new strategic level, with the aim at facilitating the upgrading industrial structure and transformation of economic growth in China, and enhancing international competitiveness by way of active participation and guidance at the governmental level. Currently, various regions have laid foundation, to less or greater extent, in the development of seven industries with their respective advantages.

Because of the acceleration of economic globalization and rapid development of China civil aviation transport industry, hub airports in major cities and surrounding areas have a development trend that gradually integrated to the characteristic urban areas-aviation city and have possibility to be the urban and regional new economic growth pole. Changsha Huanghua International Airport aviation business has grown rapidly in recent years which has created favorable conditions for the development of export-oriented economy and upgrade the industrial structure in Changsha area.

Located in the middle of the Central Region, the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan economic integration experiment zone has a promising prospect in the development of strategic emerging industries, and has stepped up its efforts in terms of policy and industry environment optimization to build several bases for strategic emerging industries: New energy pilot bases comprising of Changsha Photovoltaic Industrial Park, Xiangtan Wind Power Industrial Park, and Zhuzhou Wind Power Industrial Park; Space and aviation industry pilot base comprising of Changsha Aviation Industrial Park and Zhuzhou Aviation Industrial Park; Largest R&D and manufacturing base in China for electric automobiles and a R&D, and the production base for power cells for electric automobiles with the highest level of commercialization in the world.

At a defense industry conference held 10 January 2011, provincial officials said the defense industry in Hunan Province in 2010 was expected to achieve 500 billion yuan of industrial output value, profit 2.2 billion, a substantial increase than the previous year. So far, Hunan military economy had for 7 years to achieve rapid and healthy development. In the "Twelve Five" period [ie, the 12th Five Year Plan], the Hunan military industry was expected to have much greater value. Provincial Standing Committee, Vice Governor Zhao-Xiong Chen, National Party members of the National Defense Science and Industry Council, Chief Engineer Liu Dongkui, the General Armament Department electronic information infrastructure, Guo-Yu Wang, Deputy Minister, Provincial Military chief of staff Li Lantian and other leaders attended the meeting. Vice Governor Han Yongwen presided over the meeting, and state-level military and civilian Zhuzhou City Industry Demonstration Base Award.

In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Hunan Province, developed military and civilian industry integration, national defense technology industry to a new level, average annual growth rate of industrial output value of 24%, higher than the provincial average. As the central Hunan Province and the 7th largest military industrial complex to start strategic cooperation, such as large aircraft takeoff landing system has settled a number of major projects in Hunan Province. Advanced equipment manufacturing, electronic information, chemical and other civilian industry continues to improve.

Changsha Aviation Industrial Park Phase I, Aerospace Science and Technology (000901) Industrial City, new materials base, Hunan Institute of Rare Earth special material base, the photovoltaic power Industrial Park, Ping Jiang Explosive Materials Industrial Park, Yiyang shipbuilding industrial park and a number of civil-military integration of key projects progressed smoothly. 5 MW wind turbines and a number of international or domestic leading level in the products have been successfully developed. At the same time, a group of people enthusiastically joined the military population research and production units. In addition, the military industrial enterprises, vigorously implement the joint-stock reform, new Nanling civil explosive (002,096), southern Red Arrow (000,519), sunbirds (300,123) and other three listed companies.

It is understood that "second Five-Year" period, Hunan Province, will focus on breakthroughs in air power (600 893), ship power, electronic components, key raw materials, hydraulic components and a number of core technologies, play a military unique advantages, accelerate the development of nuclear equipment manufacturing, general aviation equipment, photovoltaic electronics, shipbuilding and other strategic emerging industries, transform and elevate the machine building, civil explosive chemicals, and other traditional industries, and promote sound and rapid economic development in Hunan military.To the "second five" interim, the province's military over 1,000 billion yuan of industrial output value, and strive to "Twelve Five" to achieve 180 billion yuan industrial output value.

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