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AC3X2 / AC332 3.1-metric-ton helicopter

Design helicopter model Avicopter AC3X2 started development in 2010. The aircraft manufacturer took advantage of the modern concept of the design of aircraft involved at the stage of development of the best designers, but at the same times during borrowed some design elements of the preceding developments. This allowed minimizing the timing of the finished project and to ensure the future of the helicopter lower cost that does is important, since work on the creation of a new helicopter was associated with a number of risks, which in particular applies to a great competitive foreign aircraft manufacturers.

The AC3X2 occupies a place in AVIC’s civil product range between the single-engine, two-tonne-class AC311, which is modeled on the Airbus Helicopters EC130; and the twin-engine, four-tonne AC312, a civil version of the Z-9, which is itself a licensed variant of the Airbus Helicopters AS365. Other helicopters in AVIC’s civil product range include the twin-engine, seven-tonne AC352, a variant of the EC175 that is being developed jointly with Airbus Helicopters; and the three-engine, 13-tonne AC313, derived from the Z-8, which is based on the SA321 Super Frelon.

AC3X2 has quite a compact design that provides the aircraft with good aerodynamic properties, improved handling and a high level of maneuverability. Moreover, thanks to its modern design, the helicopter Avicopter AC3X2 already had dozens of potential customers interested. Coupled with the low cost of the aircraft, the aircraft ensures this model a high popularity as the markets of Asia and outside the region.

In October 2013 Chinese rotorcraft maker Avicopter slipped the development schedule of the proposed 3.1-metric-ton (6,800-lb.) helicopter, while revealing more data about the type and confirming its designation as AC332. The aircraft, called the AC3X2 when initially revealed in August 2013, would get a type certificate in 2018, Avicopter told the Aero Electromechanics China conference organized by Galleon. The previously stated target was December 2016, followed by a production certificate in June 2017.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) officially unveiled a mockup of the AC3X2, its new light twin-engine helicopter for the civil market. The sleek, three-tonne-class helicopter was revealed on Nov. 10, kicking off the week-long Airshow China 2014 in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. A “historic moment,” according to AVIC, the unveiling ceremony marked the first time the AC3X2 mockup has been presented to the general public.

The first test helicopter model Avicopter AC3X2 was flown in 2014 year, while taking into account low experience in the design of rotary-wing aircraft, aircraft manufacturers of the company «Aviation Industry Corporation of China» managed very successfully to complete all required tests. The project was prepared to launch into production, which was expected to begin in the year 2016.

Depending on the layout of the cabin, the helicopter Avicopter AC3X2 may also be applicable as a means of business aviation, with a very effective, 8-9 can accommodate people, including one pilot, that is very effective, especially considering the small size of the aircraft and its low cost . Among other things, Avicopter AC3X2 helicopter can also carry and transport on its board of small goods, the only condition which is the observance of the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft, constituting, according to the official documentation, 3,1 tons.

The Avicopter AC3X2 was equipped with two turbine engines brands Changzhou WZ16, able to develop traction in 820 hp one that allows the helicopter to develop the maximum speed of 300 km / hr, performing flights at distances not exceeding 650 kilometers, which is quite acceptable.

Crew 1 person
Capacity 7-9 people (depending on cabin layout)
length 9,28 m
height 3,44 m .;
diameter of the rotor 7,62 m .;
Weight, empty 1650 kg .;
Maximum takeoff weight 3100 kg .;
Cruising speed 260 km \ h .;
Maximum flight speed 300 km \ h .;
Maximum flight distance 650 km .;
Maximum flight height 5100 m .;
Powerplant 2 x Changzhou WZ16;
Power 2 x 820 hp

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