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Crocodile Class 250 (2013)

New 33 meter light submarine designed by Chilean company Vapor Industrial S.A. The 250 Class Crocodile, a 250-ton submersible, is defined by its designers and potential builders - the local industrial group Vapor Industrial SA- as a “light combat submarine”. This ship was one of the surprises that EXPONAVAL 2012 offered to its visitors. The Class 250 Crocodile was exhibited in the form of a large scale model that showed its interior configuration, it is designed to operate in a role of denial of the sea in coastal and coastal scenarios.

If realized, the Crocodile would be the first rescue submarine in South America. Among the equipment that will be integrated are high-resolution sonars, radars, echo sounders to generate three-dimensional views and a hyperbaric chamber to help divers participate in rescue tasks. Equipped, the Crocodile class 250 will cost between US$10 million and 12 million, consists of 4 units under construction and 8 units raised. The submarine would displace 250 tons and consist of an immersion range of 546 kilometers or 4000 km, 25 days on the surface. It could dive into the port of Valparaiso and emerge north of La Serena. Also, stay submerged for up to a week, no need to emerge to recharge batteries. It would be enabled for 14 people, but with four it could already be maneuvered, meaning it is a highly profitable defense platform.

It will be equipped with four torpedo-launcher tubes, which for reasons of size and space will be installed between the outer and inner hulls of the submersible, and that will be adapted to launch both DCNS/WASS Black Shark heavy torpedoes (Italian last-generation torpedo with a range of 50klm and maximum speed of 96klm/hr) as mMBDA SM-39 Exocet-type anti-ship missiles (70-180klm range and 1100kph maximum speed) launched while the submarine is submerged.

The maximum immersion capacity of the Crocodile 250 is cryptically described by its designers as “between 200 and somewhat more meters”. Its crew is 9 people, but it also has space to accommodate six tactical divers or special forces operators with their equipment. However, the design can be modified in size, to expand its internal space or bearing arms, according to the requirements of potential customers.

The Combat System will include both passive and active sonars, radar, electronic support systems (ESM) and a tactical periscope. The Crocodile Class 250 is the only submarine of its kind equipped with state-of-the-art Independent Air Propulsion and Closed Cycle Engine, giving it the immersion range of 546Klm and making it a high-efficiency vessel.

With headquarters in Santiago, Vapor Industrial is a group of companies that includes shipyards and machine shops in the north of Chile, where it mainly addresses the demands for maintenance, repair or modification of fishing vessels and marine engines.

displacement, submerged 250 tons
lenght, overall 33 meters / 107 feet
hull diameter 3.6 meters
diving depth 200 meters
max speed, submerged 12 knots
max speed, surfaced 10 knots
range, mixed transit 2500 nm
endurance on batteries 100 nm @ 4 knots
endufance on AIP 200 nm @ 4 knots
Crew 9 + 6 divers

Crocodile Class 250 (2013)

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