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Military Institute of Land Forces

The Military institute of Land Forces history began from the Almaty higher general command school which had been established in 1970 on the grounds of the Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. On February 11, 1997 by the Decree of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Almaty higher military school named after I.S. Konyev was reorganized into the Military academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. By the Decree of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated by February 27, 2002 N815 the Almaty higher military school of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan was separated from the structure of the Military academy. On October 31, 2003 by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan N 1080 the Almaty higher military school of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan was renamed into Military institute of Land Forces.

The main task of the institute is to prepare high qualified officers of land forces. The Military Institute of Land Forces prepares officers on program of higher and secondary military-professional education on 12 specialties: higher military-professional education: - Command Tactics of motorized rifle troops; - Command Tactics of airborne troops and troop-unit reconnaissance; - Command Tactics of tank troops; - Command Tactics of artillery; - Command Tactics of automobile troops; - Command Tactics of food supply provision; - Command Tactics of uniform provision; - Command Tactics of liquid fuel provision; - Armored tanks armament and equipment; - Command Tactics of engineer troops; - officers for moral and welfare work; - Command Tactics of rocket-artillery provision; - Military translators.

According to the resolution of Council of Ministers of Defence of the Collective Security Treaty Organization dated by November 30, 2005 Military Institute of Land Forces was included into the List of educational institutions of joint preparation of military personnel for armed forces of countries-members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Specialties of preparation for country-members of the CSTO are: “Command tactics of motorized rifle troops”, “Command tactics of tank troops”, “Armored armament and equipment”, “Command tactics of engineer troops”.

The Institute has modern educational and material resources, various means of technical education. Audiences for lectures, educational laboratories, rooms and classes of the institute are equipped with everything that is necessary for preparation of military specialists on the modern level of science and technology development. Modern technical means of education, computers are widely used in the education process. Physical education is paid a great attention in the Institute. Physical education is an important and essential part of military education. It provides physical readiness of military men to master weapon and military equipment, its effective use of in a battle, to endure physical exertions, neuropsychic exertions and unfavorable factors of battle activities.

There is a material base for it: a beautiful sport complex with specialized halls (gymnastics, weightlifting, hand-to-hand- fighting, sport games, swimming pool and so forth), stadium, obstacle course and other sport facilities. There operate various sport sections. Along with professional skills improvement there takes place organization of leisure for students – work of amateur talent groups, circles (choreographic ballroom dances, folk instruments, vocal-instrumental ensemble). There are organized meetings of students with veterans of war and labor, meetings with officials, highest command staff of the Armed Forces, eminent persons of art and culture; there are also organized excursions, thematic evenings and evenings of leisure.

These activities further upbringing of intellectually and esthetically developed officers, they are aimed at formation of feelings of Kazakhstan patriotism, friendship and comradeship. Over the period of existing military institute several thousands specialists got start in life. Knowledge which received graduates makes possible them to fulfill their duties in troops. Their best merits are high theoretical preparation, deep knowledge of military equipment and weapons, good skills in organization battle readiness, deep understanding of military duty and readiness to fulfill it up to the end. 50% of officers of the Armed Forces are graduates of this institute; many of them were appointed on significant positions and skillfully command units, formations and got rank of general. Students of the institute participated in international exercises both on the territory of Kazakhstan and beyond its boundaries. They demonstrated their interest in provision global and regional security, readiness to fulfilling high and noble mission in the sake of peace. Military delegations from Russia, China and the USA highly estimated the level of professional preparation of professors-lecturers structure and students. The address: 480094, Almaty, 70-th junction, Krasnogorskaya st. 35.

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