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The 16 Great Turkish Empires

The sixteen yellow stars on the Turkish Presidential insignia represent the sixteen Turkish states in history, and the sun at the center represents the Republic of Turkey. The historical existence of most of these flags is not proven.

Great Hun Empire 204 BCAD 216
FounderMete (Bagatir)
Total Area18,000,000 Km
AreaAt the north, Siberia; south, Tibet - Kashmir; east, Pacific Ocean; west, Caspian Sea;
Western Hun EmpireAD 48216
Total Area? ? ? Km
AreaThe area over present Central Asia
European Hun EmpireA.D. 375469
Total Area4,000,000 Km 2
FounderMuncuk, Oktar, Rua & Aybars (brothers)
AreaSouthern Russia, Romania, Northern Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Chekoslovakia, Southern & Central Germany; The area from eastern France to the Ural mountains; from northern Hungary to the Byzantine Empire
White Hun EmpireA.D. 420552
FounderAksuvar (Aksungur)
Total Area 3,500,000 Km 2)
AreaHalf of northern India, Afghanistan, parts of Turkistan
Göktürk EmpireA.D. 552745
FounderBumin Khan (Tumen)
AreaThe inacessible valleys of the Altay Mountains (Ergenikon)
Total Area18,000,000 Km
Avar EmpireA.D. 565835
FounderBayar Khan
Total Area? ? ? Km
AreaThe area between the Volga, Hungary and Bessarabia
Kharzar EmpireA.D. 651983
FounderThere are no historical data as to the original founder, however, its greatest ruler was Hakan Yusuf.
Total Area? ? ? Km
AreaThe Khazars who are believed to be an offshoot of the Gokturks migrated to the West and formed a state stretching from the Caucasian Mntns to the Danube and to the middle of and Southern Russia.
Uyghur KaganateA.D. 745840
FounderKutlug Bilgekul Khan
Total Area? ? ? Km
AreaCentral Asia and Northern Mongolia.
KarahanidsA.D. 9401040
FounderSaltuk Bugra Han
Total Area? ? ? Km
AreaAll the Trans-Oxus area including the area between the Issyk and Balkash Lakes
GhaznavidsA.D. 9621183
Total Area 4,700,000 Km 2
AreaThe area from the Trans-Oxus to the Ganges River, and from the shores of the Caspian to the steppes of the Pamir
Great Seljukid EmpireA.D. 10401157
Area At the East, Balkash and Issyk Lakes and the Tarim Derya; At the West, Aegean and the Mediterranean shores; At the North, Aral Lake, Caspian Sea, Caucasian and the Black Sea; At the South, the area including Arabia and the sea Omman.
Total Area 10,000,000 Km 2
Harzem ShahsA.D. 10971231
Founder Kudrettin Mehmet (Harzemshah)
Total Area 5,000,000 Km 2
AreaPersia, Southern Caucasia, Dagistan, Afghanistan and most of Central Asia.
Golden HordeA.D. 12361502
FounderBatur Han
Total Area? ? ? Km
AreaEastern Europe, the Western Ural Area, the Crimea and the area to the north of the Volga.
Great Timurid EmpireA.D. 13681501
FounderTimur Gurgani / Tamerlane
Total Area? ? ? Km
AreaAt the West, Balkans; At the North, Volga shores; At the South, Indian Ocean; At the East, Central Asia; Recent studies have shown that this Empire was a Mongol state but official Turkish sources still consider it as Turk.
Mughal EmpireA.D. 15261858
FounderBabur Shah
Total Area 2,700,000 Km 2)
AreaAfghanistan and India
Ottoman EmpireA.D. 12991922
FounderOsman Bey
Total Area 20,000,000 Km 2)
AreaAlgeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Anatolia, Caucasia, the Crimea, Bessarabia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, the Sudan,.....and, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea were for a time - Turkish Lakes.

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