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Bahia (G 40) NDM (Navio Doca Multipropósito)

The Brazilian Navy commissioned the French Foudre-class FS Siroco (L 9012) landing platform dock (LPD) at the end of 2015. The Brazilian Navy Directorate of Naval Engineering was authorised to procure the ship for around EUR80 million (USD85 million). It is to be renamed Bahia (G 40) and designated as NDM (Navio Doca Multipropósito). The navy will also receive three landing boats.

The package Brazil purchased includes original armament comprising two MBDA SIMBAD twin launchers for MBDA MISTRAL very short range air-defence missiles, spares, special tools, test equipment, training, and technical publications. The ship will be based in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian Navy (MB) had been concentrating its efforts on the Strategic Project of "Construction of the Nucleus of Naval Power", which will result in the expansion of operational capacity. By 2012 Programa de Obtencao de Meios de Navios-Anfibios (PRONAnf) aims to build two units of Amphibious Ships in Brazil to replace the "Ceará" Landing Ships (NDD), one of which, "Rio de Janeiro", had already been deactivated. In this way, MB had been carrying out studies to obtain, in the international market, ready and approved NDD projects operated by other navies.

The objective was for the chosen model to have a displacement of about 12,500 tons, capacity to transport a troop of 490 military, convoy and hangar to simultaneously operate at least two 11-ton helicopters, floodable dock, door or ramp for launching Cars Amphibious Caterpillar (CLAnf), Vehicle Landing Craft and Material (EDVM) and General Cargo Landing Craft (EDCG). However, the purchase of opportunity is not ruled out if there is any available unit that meets the above requirements.

As of 2009 the Transport and Support Vessels (NaTrAp Navio de Transporte e Apoio) was under development as of 2009, designed by Design Center Ships MB. The ship will displace about 9,000 tons, can carry up to 500 Marines, will have a flight deck that allows the simultaneous use of two heavy helicopters, besides two ramps of 40 tons, and another at the stern on the starboard side. As of 2015, nothing seems to have come of this scheme. In a good buying opportunity, the Ministry of defence acquired the TCD Siroco (L 9012) to recompose a loophole in the Navy of Brazil, and name it of Multipurpose Amphibious Ship (NAM) Bahia (G 40)

The acquisition of this vessel, (of great importance for the Brazilian Fleet), will promote huge operating gain on amphibious capability, transport and power projection of MB and can be used in the national and international community support in humanitarian aid situations, such as the Siroco TCD was used by France during the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.

The ship must go through a period of extensive maintenance before entering service in the Navy of Brazil. The crew that will garnish the ship has already been selected, and should follow in September to Toulon, so the French will make the crew of MB. The NAM should be commissioned Bahia in December this year and the maintenance service will be run by DCNS Toulon.

Portugal's Navy had intended to acquire the Siroco, but announced on 30 July 2015 that it would pass on the purchase. The values have been negotiated and were expected to brief the signing of the contract between the parties.

The ship served since 1998 in the French Navy (Marine Nationale) with the Siroco name, and decommissioned in July 2015 and offered to Brazil. NDM designation means "Multipurpose dock ship", differing from similar ships, but older and limited in MB classified as "Ship Unloading Docks" (NDD).

On 27 April 2015, the TCD Siroco (L 9012) returned for the last time at Toulon, after four months on mission in West Africa, as part of the Corymbe ” “ mission, marking this as its last operational mission under the French flag. Only an unlikely turnaround could change the fate of the ship, which was incorporated in 1998 and is being prematurely removed from service this year, getting the French squadron concentrated on three BPC (bâtiments de projection et de commandement) Mistral (Mistral and Dixmude Tonnerre), as the fourth unit, which would replace the Sirocco was canceled.

Chile acquired the ship which gave the class name, the TCD Foudre (L 9011) in 2011, renamed LSDH HAS 91 Sergeant Aldea.

The NDM Bahia, former Siroco, is a ship with a displacement of 12,000 tons (full load), 168 meters long, 23.5 meters in width, draft of 5.2m, ability to reach up to 21 knots maximum speed and reach 11,000 nautical miles at 15 knots.

The class "Foudre" has accommodation for a crew of approximately 200 people and more than 450 Marines to missions in amphibious landing operations (in emergency situations, can accommodate more than 1,500 people). The hangar and flight deck can accommodate up to seven medium helicopters Super Puma gait, with points for takeoff and landing of two aircraft in flight deck and a rooftop near the stern. Normal operation (with capacity to support and replenish simultaneously in continuing operations) is up to 4 aircraft.

The floodable dock, with about 13,000 square meters, allows you to operate various combinations of large and medium-sized landing craft. These characteristics, together with the hospital facilities with two operating rooms and 47 beds, give the one multipurpose vessel capacity (for various military and humanitarian operations).

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